How to Fix Your LinkedIn Newsfeed: Make it More Professional, Less Facebook

LinkedIn Isn't Facebook

LinkedIn Isn't Facebook

I keep hearing it, “LinkedIn is NOT Facebook! Why are people clogging up my LinkedIn newsfeed with stupid memes, pictures, and quizzes?

LinkedIn is a professional network and the newsfeed should be a place to read professional updates from your network of connections. Unfortunately, some people have a hard time differentiating when to post to LinkedIn and when to post to Facebook.

The good news is there is a way to clean up your newsfeed so it shows the updates you want to see.

Scrolling through your newsfeed, you will notice that it’s the same people who are posting inappropriate content. Rather than allow them to continue to pollute your stream, all you need to do is unfollow them and their silly updates will be no more. All it takes is a couple of minutes and your newsfeed will become a joy to read again.

Here’s how:

Unfollowing on LinkedIn

1. Log in to

2. Scroll through your newsfeed. When you notice an obnoxious, unprofessional post, hover your mouse over the upper right hand side of the status update. A small down arrow will appear along with a drop list. Choose Unfollow. Going forward, all future posts from this individual will not appear on your newsfeed and the person will never know you aren’t seeing their posts.


3. Lather, rinse, and repeat for all connections who are posting obnoxiously unprofessional and off topic status updates.

Re-follow a Person You Unfollowed on LinkedIn

Oh no! You unfollowed a person only to realize that you really miss them and want their posts back on your LinkedIn homepage. Here’s what to do:

1. View the person’s profile who you have unfollowed.

2. Click on the menu on the right side of the picture and select, View recent activity.

3. Click the yellow Follow button on the top right side of the Recent activity page and once again, you will see their updates on your LinkedIn Homepage’s newsfeed.

Refollow on LinkedIn

Now that you have this power, go forth and unfollow! Report back, let me know your results!

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  1. Thanks for this post, Donna Serdula. It’s so great that you “LOVE LINKEDIN” — and good, honest people pay you to advise them on how to use the platform.

    Let’s not forget that Linkedin stock, valuation, unique visitors, daily visits, and social media sentiment are all down. That said, can I ask you a few questions for clarification?

    So…it seems that you, Donna Serdula, recommend that BUSINESS LEADERS, EXECUTIVES, LIONS, POLITICIANS, CELEBRITIES, and FREQUENT USERS scroll through their Linkedin newsfeed on a daily basis and manually manage their account post by post, person by person instead of requesting that Linkedin offer a 1-click personal content manager UX option categorized by personally offensive topic? Why? Wouldn’t it be easier for Linkedin to improve their personal content UX filters?

    As we both know, Donna Serdula, manual deletes and daily monitoring can be HERCULEAN tasks for Linkedin users who are BUSY BUSINESS LEADERS (unless they hire someone to manage their Linkedin accounts). And YOU have recommended that Business Leaders shouldn’t delegate their social media to interns. So…

    For the record: Linkedin’s UX team is currently conducting A/B testing for new privacy/profile formats with “LINKEDIN EXPERTS”. Does that make any sense to other consumer research practitioners? Why would you conduct new profile/privacy formats via A/B testing with the very users who are incentivized to “like” anything you do to maintain their career/livelihood? Linkedin SHOULD BE conducting that new privacy/profile format A/B testing with folks who have expressed frustration with the platform.

    At this point, Linkedin investors/analysts should be rolling their eyes at Linkedin’s low validity/reliability A/B testing — along with other recent Linkedin initiatives — and aggressively bail. Things don’t bode well for Linkedin’s long term growth.

    1. Hey there! I am not saying this is the best way to deal with silly status updates on the LinkedIn newsfeed– it’s just the only way at the moment. However, from my experience, it’s not a herculean task. Most people don’t have a huge, unwieldy network full of spammers clogging up their newsfeeds and so to unfollow a couple people is pretty doable and easy.

      I too haven’t been overly thrilled with some recent LinkedIn initiatives and decisions. My hope is that they turn things around and strive to provide an amazing experience for their users. Thanks for your comment! –Donna

  2. Peter Maniscalco says:

    Thanks Donna. It is disappointing that some people can’t decipher whether to post something on LI or Facebook or… Here was the reply(which I find unsatisfactory) I recently received re this matter of inappropriate posts.(maybe if enough users make LI aware of this issue….)

    LinkedIn reply: “Please be aware that the nature of public forums includes the risk of viewing opposing opinions. We don’t monitor, filter, or remove member-generated content from our site unless it concerns threats of physical harm, pornographic material, or abusive profanity.

    We respect the right of all members to freely express themselves. With only a few specific exceptions, we don’t control the content that members post and aren’t responsible for such content.

    Thanks for your assistance in keeping LinkedIn a professional and trustworthy site.”

  3. If you are like me and can’t stand the drivel that your hundreds of connections post, like and share and you want to īmprove your feed” by unfollowing everyone! then your only hope is Autohotkey

    1. install Autohotkey (what this does is automate keystrokes)
    2. Open notepad and paste this script into it
    Loop 200
    Send `t`t`t{SPACE}
    3. Save this script as “savelinkedin.ahk”
    4. Go to your improve my feed page on Linkedin
    5. Select connections
    6. click on the first unfollow in the list of connections.
    7. Then press CTRL and J together,
    8. Boom! watch 200 connections get unfollowed (200 because of the 200 in the script above)

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