Action Item Checklist

Congratulations! You have a POWERFUL LinkedIn profile… now what? Well, here is your action item checklist! Each item is designed to help you create a more efficient and optimized LinkedIn experience. Have fun!

Profile Picture

1. Your profile picture is of the utmost importance.
I strongly recommend having a professional photographer take your portrait. You can find a list of photographers in your area here:

Download my guide, Say Cheese. It will walk you through arranging, taking, and uploading a professional LinkedIn profile picture.

And remember to SMILE!

Once you have your headshot, remember there are more places than just your LinkedIn profile that require a profile picture. Upload it to:

Add Connections

2. Connect, Connect, Connect

In order to get benefit from LinkedIn, you need a strong LinkedIn network. Your online network should reflect your offline network. Find out how you can easily expand your LinkedIn network by reading my eBook, 12 Mindblowing Strategies to Expand Your LinkedIn Network.

12 Mind Blowing Strategies EXPAND LinkedIn Network

Why connect? Watch this video to finally understand how to make your LinkedIn Network work for you!


More ways to connect...

People You May Know
Use LinkedIn’s People You May Know tool to discover more connections

Import Your Email Contacts
Authorize LinkedIn to access your online address book and LinkedIn will immediately parse the list allowing you to connect with people you already know.

LinkedIn Templates

3. Swipe this Text… COPY, PASTE, & TWEAK!
One of the hardest parts of LinkedIn is coming up with things to say. This guide is chock full of templates that give you the words to use when asking people to connect, for an introduction, requesting a recommendation, giving recommendations, endorsements and more!

Market Your Profile

Now that you have an optimized LinkedIn profile, print out some business cards with a link to your awesome profile. Here’s a template that works with Avery 5871, 8371, and 8871.

Or if you want to get fancy…

Add a link to your LinkedIn profile to your Email Signature
You’ve spent the time optimizing your LinkedIn profile… now you should market it by placing a link in your email signature. Besides, you want to make it easy for people to contact you. Here’s how to do it easily:

Your email signature should contain 5 items:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Email
  3. Your Phone Number
  4. The link to your LinkedIn Profile
  5. The closest city to where you reside

So it should look something like this:

Donna Serdula 


☎ 215-839-0008


Philadelphia, PA

Feel free to copy and paste the example of above and tweak it for your contact info!

Market Your LinkedIn Profile by creating a profile BADGE to promote your profile all over the Web!

Here are a few badge examples:

You can place these badges on your blog or Website. If you have a bio on your company’s Website, you can ask that they include a link to your LinkedIn profile and then provide them with this code. If you want to get really fancy, you can use one of these badges on your email signature. Simply save the image to your computer and then embed it within your email signature file.


5. Please give and request Recommendations!
Recommendations are a great way to get noticed. The best way to GET recommendations is to GIVE recommendations.

(The first recommendation you can give could be to me!)

Watch this video and learn the secret to getting TONS of recommendations!

Need help writing recommendations? Here’s a link to a RECOMMENDATION GENERATOR:

Wait! Just in case that one doesn’t work, here’s another one:

Okay, okay… here’s one more: Social Recommendator

Leverage LinkedIn Groups

6. Join LinkedIn Groups within your industry.
Joining Groups is a great way to EXPAND your LinkedIn network easily and quickly. All the people in the group are added to your LinkedIn network. This means if they are searching for someone like you, you may show up in their search results… and vice versa. Join groups where your target audience is located… don’t join groups simply based upon your interests… you may find those groups contain just your competitors. While you are joining groups, how about joining my LinkedIn Group all about leveraging LinkedIn more effectively?

LinkedIn Status Updates

7. Start broadcasting!
Update your LinkedIn Network status often. An actively managed LinkedIn account is a fantastic way to establish expertise and build credibility and trust.

Here’s a secret way to easily post LinkedIn status updates from anywhere! It’s the LinkedIn bookmarklet. When you are reading an interesting article, click the LinkedIn button on your bookmark bar and voila! The article is posted as a status update to be shared with your network. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Want to get really high tech? You can actually SCHEDULE your LinkedIn Status Updates in advance using Hootsuite.

Keep Learning

11. Continue to keep abreast of LinkedIn by reading my blog:

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