Open Networker, Invite Me List

Do you wish you could grow your LinkedIn connections to create a more diverse, valuable network?

Well, I am proud to introduce you to our new Open Networker, Invite Me List.

Although having a large LinkedIn network is key to a successful LinkedIn experience, how do you know it’s the right decision for you? You see, there are two schools of thought: Close and Open.

When you are a Close Networker, you only connect with those people you are close to. People you know and trust are the ones you add to your network. There’s a lot of benefit to a network comprised of trusted contacts. You can recommend and introduce people with confidence.

Get a large audience

But there are cons to being a Close Networker. LinkedIn actually rewards people for having large networks. How? People who rank highly in search all have large networks. When you utilize LinkedIn to find people– people you don’t already know, a greater pool of connections will assist you in finding your target. Also, people who have profiles that get a lot of views– yes, they have large networks, too!

So what does this mean to you? If you would like to EXPAND your LinkedIn network… add your name to the list below. As my Branding Specialists work with clients who are interested in building their network, they will upload the list as new connections. By having your name on this list, you will find invitations flooding your inbox from high level people open to connecting.

What’s the difference between this service versus similar services? We only upload the list to our clients’ accounts and we don’t allow people to download the list. This keeps spammers and obnoxious marketers at bay.

If at any time you want your name removed from the list, just email me:

By adding your name to the list you MUST PROMISE NEVER TO MARK ANY LINKEDIN INVITATION as “I don’t know” or SPAM.

What else? I would highly suggest not using your primary email address for this service. If you don’t have a secondary email, set one up using Gmail or Yahoo. Make sure you add this new secondary email to your LinkedIn account. I suggest this because although we try to make sure this list is used for good, you never know and it’s best to be safe.

Are you ready?