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It was such a joy presenting to all of you! I hope you found value in my presentation. Here is the information I promised:

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In addition to my slides, I also promised a few other items… you can find them below.

More than just LinkedIn!

Resumes, Executive Branding, Social Media Strategy and more

LinkedIn Profile Critique

I can’t personally critique your LinkedIn profile but using this quiz, it’s like having me give you tips and tricks to best optimize your profile! Take my Profile Critique to learn whether your LinkedIn profile is POWERFUL or in need of a makeover.

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Video Training: 5 Tips to Supercharge Your Profile

It’s time to make the world’s largest PROFESSIONAL Social Network work for YOU LinkedIn is an amazing business tool if you know how to use it. LinkedIn offers a unique opportunity to brand yourself as a polished professional and provides you with unending opportunities for networking. In this exciting presentation, you will learn the Top 5 Tips to maximize your usage of LinkedIn so you can GET NOTICED & FIND BUSINESS TODAY!

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Corporate Solutions

We work with companies to assist them in their corporate LinkedIn branding strategy

LinkedIn Public Speaker

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