Resume Examples

Looking for examples of our work? Below you will find some real-life case studies that showcase the tremendous difference we can make with our clients and the transformative effect of a resume rewrite. Each case study includes a synopsis of the client’s unique challenges, details of how we approached the project, before and afters of the resume, and the client’s testimonial.

Example #1: Sales Representative

Mike was a successful sales representative who was struggling to communicate his success in previous roles. He had a number of positions over a relatively short period of time and needed to avoid the job-hopper label. His resume was getting lost in a sea of other qualified candidates because he wasn’t conveying his unique strengths and how he could add value to a new organization.

What we did: We started from scratch and gave him a new design, structure, and content. We opened with a strong profile that briefly summarized his background and skill sets and made it very clear that he has performed for past employers and capable of performing for future performers as well. With each position, we detailed the scope of the role and broke out accomplishments to show the true quantitative impact he provided. A very short-term position was eliminated from the resume to reduce the job-hopping stigma.

Results: Mike quickly found a new position with a local competitor – at a much higher base salary. His new resume was easier to read, accomplishment-focused, and gave its readers a clear sense of who he is and what he can do.

Testimonial: “After recently making the decision to test the waters of the job market, I quickly realized that even though I had the experience, track record, and confidence to move my career forward, I had no clue where to start when putting together a professional resume. After examining what I currently had, I realized that what looked and sounded good in my 24 year old mind was laughable as a seasoned 32 year old sales professional. I needed help putting together a professional, concise, and effective resume to help portray who I am as a business professional. This is where Thomas Wolff came in. His approach to finding out who I am as a person as well as sales professional was relaxed and effective. He tailored my resume around my personality and track record in a timely manor. After reading the first draft I knew that I now had the powerful tool that I needed to help me stand out in the stack (so to speak). I am now confident that when approaching a new company I will stand out on paper just as much as I do in person.”

Example #2: Executive Product Manager

Bob was an accomplished, senior-level product manager who had just completed his Executive MBA. He had progressively advanced through the ranks of his organization and was leading a $50 million product line. With his new MBA in hand, he was looking to explore new opportunities with a new organization.

What we did: Like many of the clients we work with, Bob needed to condense his four-page resume down to two pages. He needed a completely retooled Summary of Qualifications that more succinctly explained how his 20+ years of experience would translate into his targeted position. His experience needed to be transformed from the long, blocky text into a more accomplishment-oriented section that utilized bullets and other design aspects.

Results: Bob was extremely pleased with the results and is currently exploring new opportunities with companies both inside and outside of his current industry.

Example #3: Marketing Consultant

Wendy became a client after she got fed up from sending out dozens of resumes with zero response. For the last few years, she had worked as a freelancer on multiple long-term projects and was now looking to transition into more of a traditional, full-time role in a company’s marketing department. Her resume was pretty thin and not doing its job of explaining to potential employers how her various freelance/consulting experience would uniquely positions her for a new role as a full-time employee.

What we did: We opened her resume with a strong Summary of Qualification to detail what specific marketing experience she has, the diversity of her client experiences, and how she can leverage content marketing and social media to help and organization communicate its brand. Rather than listing each freelance gig like its own separate job, we created her own “marketing consultancy” and listed each freelance assignment as a unique engagement. Now, she looked more like a business owner who was effectively serving her client base rather than a freelancer who took whatever came her way.

Results: The biggest difference came from the confidence that Wendy gained after seeing her new resume. She has booked several interviews and will certainly be entertaining multiple job offers.

Testimonial: From the client – “This is great! I feel so much more optimistic and excited about my job prospects now that my resume is optimized.”

Should you have any questions about our resume process? Please, feel free to reach out!