How to Find a LinkedIn Profile by Email Address

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This functionality was removed by LinkedIn. When I find a workaround, I’ll post it here.

Have you ever struggled to find a person on LinkedIn? Depending on the person’s name, there could be hundreds of other people with the same exact name. Rather than hunt through pages of search results, wouldn’t it be great to find the person’s LinkedIn profile using their email address? LinkedIn doesn’t make this easy, but it is possible.

Here are two options for finding a LinkedIn profile by email. The first option are manual instructions, the second option automates it for you.

How to Find a Person’s LinkedIn Profile with their Email Address

It’s easiest to copy the email to your computer’s clipboard by highlighting the email and clicking CTRL-C or Command+C.

The URL will look like: PERSON@EMAIL.COM

You will reach a page that provides a LinkedIn profile summary where you can click a button to visit their full profile and more. You don’t need to be a Sales Navigator subscriber to access this info.

Search for LinkedIn Profile by Email Address

If the above is too much to follow, I’ve made it even easier by automating the process!

Search LinkedIn by Email Address

In the form field below, enter the email address of the person whose LinkedIn profile you want to find and click the Go! button. You will immediately get whisked to a page that provides a link to their LinkedIn profile.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator Gmail Extension Alternative

Once upon a time, not too long ago, LinkedIn provided a very handy Gmail app that made it easy to find the LinkedIn profile of the person you were emailing. They sunsetted this fabulous app in March 2020. If you miss it as much as I do, the above app will provide an alternative way of finding a LinkedIn profile by email address. ENJOY!

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