About Vision Board Media

A vision board is a representation of your aspirations in life–its purpose: to depict and lead you to your desired future.

What is Your Dream?

Who do you want to be?

Vision Board Media, LLC is a pioneering boutique-marketing firm that collaborates with c-level, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, professionals and companies to design and develop branding strategies and content that changes lives.

We act as a board of futurists/creative thinkers/global brand advocates for our clients by designing success strategies that cross industries and cultures. We are dedicated to creating unforgettable personal and corporate brands to infuse the global marketplace with diverse, brilliant people, and products.

With over 24 writers on our team with direct experience in Architecture/Design, Retail, Automotive, Insurance, Media, Finance, IT, Human Resources, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Engineering, and other industries, our size and expertise allow us to SCALE to our clients’ needs.

Our clients find our quality, customer service, and consultative approach truly COLLABORATIVE and are eager to work with us again and again. They refer us as their secret weapon to their colleagues, friends, and loved ones. We have a reputation that is continually recognized through our high number of referrals.

The Story Behind LinkedIn-Makeover.com by Donna Serdula

We weren’t always Vision Board Media, LLC. For the longest of time, we were known only by our domain name, LinkedIn-Makeover.com. It was in 2009 that I registered LinkedIn-Makeover.com. Next, I went to LegalZoom and created an LLC named… DonnaTechDesigns.

What was I thinking?

I was thinking small. At that time, I had no idea that the business would grow and expand to something much bigger than just me and LinkedIn.

Thinking Bigger

A few years later, I hired a business coach and he told me that I needed to rename my business. He had the perfect name: GOLDEN LIZARD!

Why Golden Lizard?

He said his vision was me walking into a networking meeting wearing a big golden lizard brooch.

That night, as I giggled at the silly thought of Golden Lizard and how it had absolutely nothing to do with MY VISION or MY MISSION, I gazed up at my vision board and it hit me… Vision Board Media. That was my company’s name!

It made sense and felt right. A vision board attracts the future you desire. For our clients, we are that tool to help them attract a new future. There is also a play on words with the word board meaning a group of people, like a “Board of Directors.” We are a group that positions and leads individuals to success.

Vision Board Donna Serdula
My Vision Board, AUGUST 4, 2012
VIsionBoard old logo

The first logo was simple and created quickly with little thought. I think the spec doc I gave the designer had one word, “BOLD.” The logo worked at the time but it didn’t capture any meaning or brand story.

20/20 Vision

Fast forward to the year 2020 and I realized it was time for the cobbler to start caring about her shoes. Funny how that works. I spend my days strategizing and consulting with individuals and companies about their brand and I ignored my own.

20/20 represents the perfect vision and now it is time to focus on Vision Board Media.

I set out to develop a logo that truly symbolizes and represents the value we provide to our clients. This time, the spec doc was much more thoughtfully constructed. After many iterations, the logo was ready and when I saw it, I immediately knew it was perfect.

Donna Serdula on the radio
VivionBoard Media logo

Looking at the Image, It Symbolizes So Much to Me:

  • A spotlight — showing how we help people step into the spotlight and embrace their strengths and let them shine.
  • A sun — rising on a new day, a new chapter… a new life. After working with us, our clients embark upon something different for themselves.
  • Transformation — Like the red squares changing to gray lines, expanding outward, growing bigger, our clients emerge out of the boxes they are stuck in, aligning to a bigger, better future.
  • A network of people — standing together in solidarity to help and support each other. Your network is your net worth. It’s important to have partners invested in you.

When you are ready for us, we are here to help you refine, craft, develop, and articulate your brand and professional story.

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