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Learn to create an integrated LinkedIn branding strategy, get discovered with keyword optimization and more from founder of LinkedIn-Makeover.com, Donna Serdula.

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LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Dummies

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LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Dummies

With the Perfect Profile, Success Awaits!

Your LinkedIn profile is your online reputation and your digital introduction to anyone interested in working with you. Make sure it presents you and your accomplishments in the most impressive way.

This how-to guide shows you the steps for building a LinkedIn profile that’s compelling, strategic and uniquely yours. It helps you identify your goal, decide who you want to address, and optimize your presentation to achieve the outcome you seek. You’ll be impressed with the results and so will everyone who checks you out.

Whether your goal is job search, branding, reputation management, or sales, people are Googling you—and your LinkedIn profile is more often than not their first point of contact. With a focus on who you are, the value you deliver, and the culture you cultivate, the profile you’ll create with the help of this guide will make that first connection a positive one—giving you a better chance to see results.

In the latest edition of Donna’s best-selling book, you’ll learn:

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The Steps to Determine Your LinkedIn Strategy
book icon
How to Get Found on LinkedIn
book icon
The Importance of Endorsements and Recommendations
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The Secrets to Optimizing the “Behind the Scenes” Sections
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How to Establish Your Calling Card
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..and so much more, including several entirely new chapters!

LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Dummies, 2nd Edition Can Really Help You!

Whether your goal is job search, branding, reputation management, or sales, people are Googling you — and your LinkedIn profile is more often than not their first point of contact. With a focus on who you are, the value you deliver, and the culture you cultivate, the profile you'll create with the help of this guide will make that first connection a positive one — giving you a better chance to see results.

What Clients Say About Us

Always transformational, never transactional! That’s what we believe in and strive everyday to accomplish with our clients. This is not a copy and paste assembly line. Instead, clients come to us when they need help taking that leap to transform their brand and move forward confidently and empowered.

Below you will find testimonials from clients… every single one a real live customer of ours… from the brand new to those that started with us over a decade ago.

Erica L.

I love her practical and tactical advice. Very easy to read & follow!

Naomi Vondell

Not only is this book superb for optimizing your profile on LinkedIn, it’s also an excellent primer for personal branding. I’ve just optimized my LinkedIn profile and I’m inspired to do the same across other social media as well. A must read!

Mac Prichard

Find out how LinkedIn really works and how to make it work for you. Donna Serdula shares her LinkedIn secrets in this excellent and practical guide. Donna has more than a decade of experience helping job seekers fine tune Linkedin profiles and get the results they want. Her tips will show you how to attract recruiters, impress hiring managers, and save time in your next job search.


Love the layout - the familiar Dummies format makes it easy to find what I need to know. For that reason, and because Donna includes so many easy-to-implement tips, I keep the paperback version handy. It is my go-to when a client asks me to update or edit something on their LinkedIn profile. So many busy professionals have resumes that need the 'Donna' tweaks. Understanding how LinkedIn works and then implementing her 'best practices' and other helpful suggestions makes me shine--Thanks, Donna!

Lisa Hayes

This book helps with the how to step by step. It doesn't require you to be tech savvy. Great advice to build your profile to get results. It delievers what it promises to optimize your profile. Also lots of info about features on LinkedIn that I never new exisited. With Donna Serdula's help (I admit that I skipped around and picked out the parts that I needed) I feel that my profile is WAY better than it was before.

John Rice

Practical, easy to follow, and contemporary advice for using LinkedIn, and it's particularly helpful in a job market challenged by the pandemic and high unemployment. Easy to follow and implement suggestions.


It is widely accepted that 80% of the value of a group (in this case books on the topic of LinkedIn) is contained in the top 20% of that group, This book takes that one step further and is easily the top 20% of that top 20%. I found myself reading a few paragraphs, making some changes to my profile, and then going back and reading a few more paragraphs. The authors advice, direction and examples are easily understood and followed (thank you for writing to those of us in the cheap seats - we genuinely appreciate it 🙂 ) so that while making those changes I was talking about I understood why I was making them and knew what to expect from them ) ( All of that being said I am positive my profile is still not 100% yet but it is exponentially better and improving) I initially purchased only the digital version, was so impressed I ordered the paperback within hours ( to more easily mark it up for myself and display the quality of this to my family, friends, and business contemporaries. In short - phrases like 'Cream of the Crop' and 'Best of the Best' fall completely short of adequately describing this book. If you have a LinkedIn Profile, If it matters at all to you and you do not yet have a copy of this - you are simply wasting precious time. To the Author: Thank you for your time and the work you put into this book, it is, in a word - excellent.


A great read I've re-read many times and I always get back to it when I need some fine-tuning of my LinkedIn profile. What I've found most helpful were templates, such as the one for creating your elevator pitch, and questions to think about creating your professional brand.

Larry Null

This book is very detailed and organized. The amount of time it takes to do it right is no small task. The service this author offers as a turn-key solution is detailed in this book but not as an item for sale. If you read this book you will know what to do. Having the time and expertise to get it done in my opinion should be left to professionals like this author and her team.

Harry Urschel

There are a lot of "How To" books out there that offer a lot of platitudes and high-level perspective, however, with little actionable plans. This guide is terrific in showing practical, real-life examples... good, bad, and ugly. There are many good pieces of advice and real-world improvements you can make to your LinkedIn profile to get better results. I recommend this book!

Renée B.

Finally a book with good ole fashion practical and effective advice for your LinkedIn profile. I find it to be an excellent resource. It’s contemporary, the format makes it easy to follow to find what you need to know and, each page is filled with tips to implement, plus warnings, and examples. If you're someone who's unaware of all that LinkedIn offers, this book tells it all.

Hector Pachas

I'm one of those that created a LinkedIn profile without giving it much thought, just one of those new requirements for work and years later really saw the value of nurturing a network. Rude awakening during reading Donna's book, my profile sucks, yes it sucks. I didn't create a strategy on my profile or really used it as I should other than a good photo and a headline. This books gives you that, it will give you the tools and a lot of nuggets so you can create a profile that will organically open doors for you and really make you stand out. A must read for not only the job seeker, but also for those that see the value of growing and cultivating networks in the digital era.

Ed MacConnell

The cover is bulging out from the overloaded stuffing of great advice and tips. When I started not just reading but applying Donna's suggestions I immediately saw a spike in my user views, messaging requests and interactions on Linked In. Side note: the author responds to direct connection requests to help you even further! This book will be the best money you spend today on Amazon most especially if you are using LinkedIn or any other social media to build your business or advance your career.


I love the latest LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Dummies! It’s by far the most comprehensive single collection of information, tips and recommendations on how to optimize your profile, whether you’re a job hunter, recruiter or sales person leveraging all the insights a good profile provides. It also includes the value of executive and company branding on LinkedIn, which by now is recognized as the primary “Professional” social media outlet.

Kristin A. Sherry

I was surprised how much value-adds were in this book beyond LinkedIn profile optimization. The advice there is excellent. However, I appreciated the content on developing a strategy for LinkedIn as well as positioning your expertise on the platform. The book is an easy read and packed with immediately actionable tips and advice. The content on creating a compelling LinkedIn headline was far more in-depth and robust than anything else I've seen. Highly recommend this book.

Carmen Lobis

I am continually amazed at what LinkedIn provides in the way of tools to promote your profile. Donna's book clearly provides insights into these tools. If you're unaware of all that LinkedIn offers, you're working with one arm and both legs unattached. This book tells all.

Dave Dixon

I've using LinkedIn for many years & I'm always looking for ways to improve my profile, & personal branding. Donna's book offers great tips & tricks to help everyone from the novice to experience LinkedIn users. Easy to use How-To books are always helpful when you want to refer back to something Donna lays this out perfectly. I highly recommend this book!!!

Debra Feldman

Donna is absolutely THE master Linkedin user. In this second edition of her legendary LinkedIn guide, she escorts first time members and LinkedIn experts through every nuance of LinkedIn to maximize an individual's benefit from this essential platform for career success.


A well thought out and detailed book on setting up your profile for success on LinkedIn. I didn’t think you could have this much info on setting up a profile. Glad I got the info!!

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By LinkedIn Profile Expert, Donna Serdula

A business owner, author, speaker, and influencer, Donna Serdula thrives on empowering people to transform their lives and realize their most sought-after goals.

The pioneer of LinkedIn profile optimization, she built the successful website, LinkedIn-Makeover.com more than a decade ago. In that time, she has worked with more than 6,000 executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals, utilizing a talented team of over 30 writers, coaches, and branding specialists to bring dynamic brand storytelling to the masses.

Donna and her team act as a board of futurists/creative thinkers/global brand advocates for their clients, by designing success strategies that cross industries and change lives. Donna’s vision is all about possibility and the inherent power of connecting and consulting when developing personal and corporate brands. It is this foundation that inspired her to launch and establish Vision Board Media, the parent company of LinkedIn-Makeover.com, where she helps to infuse the global marketplace with diverse, brilliant people and products.

Donna is an in-demand speaker throughout the US and has been featured on prominent media outlets such as Business Insider, Time’s Money Section, Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, LA Times, NBC, and SiriusXM Radio’s Wharton Business Radio. She has presented keynote speeches and workshops for Comcast NBCUniversal, Columbia University, Wharton Business School, Intuit, Texas State Bar Association, GSK, and hundreds more.

Donna earned her stripes in corporate America with more than ten years in sales, marketing, and business operations. Today, she lives in New Jersey with her husband and four children. As a daughter and wife of former military, Donna believes in giving back and provides her digital products free to active duty and veterans.

Visit her website at www.linkedin-makeover.com, and follow her on Twitter at @donnaserdula.

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