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Market Yourself with a LinkedIn Makeover

Your LinkedIn profile is key to your professional branding strategy. However, it doesn't matter who you are or what you do; it’s not easy to write about yourself.

Besides, who can find the time (or inclination) to complete their LinkedIn profile on their own?

You are missing opportunities and networking potential each and every day that your LinkedIn profile remains a skeleton of what you offer.

It's time to transform your underperforming LinkedIn profile into a POWERFUL career tool that spotlights your skills, experiences AND impresses your network of connections.

The good news is you don't have to go it alone. My team of Professional Branding Specialists will work directly with you to create a unique professional profile that impresses your network, builds your brand, and helps you achieve your goals. We take the time to learn about you and your goals to create a strategic profile that performs effectively.
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3 Easy Steps to Get Started...

1. Choose Your Plan: Pick a service below from a choice of 3 plans. All plans provide you with a professionally written LinkedIn profile. The most popular plan is the LinkedIn Makeover Interactive plan

2. Get Started: After your purchase, you will receive an email with login information and simple instructions on how to get started. It only takes a few minutes to be on your way to a powerful LinkedIn profile

3. Your Unique LinkedIn Profile: My team will work closely with you to develop and write your unique LinkedIn profile. My team is 100% committed to making sure you are completely satisfied.

What we do…

My team will work closely with you to create a high-level, goal-oriented LinkedIn profile that brands you effectively. The best news of all? My team does all the work. We write the profile and we even upload it for you. We pride ourselves in providing you with a LinkedIn profile that you are proud to have represent you online. We know how to brand you as an expert and help you connect with your target audience.

If you have any questions at all, I want you to pick up the phone and call us. My team and I are your partners in this process and we want it to be a success for you. Call me: 215-839-0008.

Choose Your Plan Below

Below you will find descriptions of our THREE different LinkedIn profile writing services: eDelivery, Interactive, and All Access. Click Buy Now to get started immediately.

Are you interested in adding a resume? Check out our Resume & LinkedIn Profile Service Packages. As a bonus, when you purchase any of our services, you will receive access to my LinkedIn Makeover DIY Kit, LinkedIn Training Toolbox, and all my eBooks. This is a $150 value!

LinkedIn Profile Writing Services
  • A profile created using your resume and our branding questionnaire, presenting you as a polished professional
  • Information Gathering
  • Fill out our Questionnaire
    And send us your resume
    My team has worked on thousands of LinkedIn profiles so we know what questions to ask.

    We use our Professional Branding Questionnaire and your resume to gather the information we need to write a powerful & engaging LinkedIn profile.
  • Via Email
  • Service provided without one on one consultation
  • Powerful Profile Created For You
  • Unique, goal-oriented Profile
    SEO to help it pop to the TOP
    Uploaded for you OR provided as a template
    We create a unique profile for you that spotlights your skills & experiences and impresses your network. The profile is developed specifically with your goals in mind to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

    We organically optimize your profile and 3 experiences with the right keywords to help get your profile found & seen by the right people. We optimize according to your specific LinkedIn goals.

    We can either upload your profile directly to LinkedIn for you OR we can provide it to you in a template.
LinkedIn Profile Writing Services
  • Working directly with a specially chosen Branding Specialist, you will receive a highly targeted & unique profile
  • Information Gathering
  • Fill out our Questionnaire
    Send us your resume, if possible
    We first learn about you from our Professional Branding Questionnaire and your resume (if available).

    Once you send us your completed questionnaire, I will partner you with a Branding Specialist that best meets your background, needs, and goals.
  • Consultative Session (30-min)
  • Interview with Branding Specialist
    Deep dive to understand you
    Your Branding Specialist will interview you either by phone or Skype to learn more about you and what makes you tick.

    During this 30-minute session, your Branding Specialist will work with you to determine your unique professional story.
  • Powerful Profile Created For You
  • Highly targeted, robust profile
    SEO to help it pop to the TOP
    Written & uploaded for you
    Your Branding Specialist will take the information compiled from your questionnaire and interview session to create a unique and compelling profile that speaks to your target audience and creates a branding statement that will impress your network.

    Your profile and 3 experiences will be optimized with the right keywords to help get your profile found & seen by the right people. We optimize according to your specific LinkedIn goals.

    It is your choice-- we can either upload your profile directly to LinkedIn for you OR we can provide it to you in a template.
  • Review Session (30-min)
  • Review session to PERFECT Your Profile
    Once your LinkedIn profile is written, your Branding Specialist will reconnect with you to present your new, professionally written LinkedIn profile to you. Your Branding Specialist will review your profile with you, make any edits or revisions necessary to make sure that your objectives are achieved. (30-minute session)

    Please note, this service does not provide one on one training on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn Profile Writing Services
All Access
  • A specialized, high-level, and comprehensive profile along with LinkedIn strategy, delivered by a Senior Branding Specialist partnered specifically to you & your industry
  • Information Gathering
  • Fill out our Questionnaire
    Or send us your resume
    For the All Access service, you may choose to fill out our Branding Questionnaire OR if you would prefer, you can simply provide us with a resume/CV, bio, or any background documentation that gives insight into your professional past.
  • Consultative Session (60-min)
    Your profile project will be managed by a Senior Branding Specialist who has the unique experience of working with hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and sales stars from all over the world. My Senior Branding Specialists offer a high level experience from start to finish.

    The difference between Branding Specialists and Senior Branding Specialists? They are both professional writers but Senior Branding Specialists have worked with me the longest and have written profiles for my most high-level clients. Senior Branding Specialists are also LinkedIn experts, capable of answering any question you have regarding LinkedIn.

  • Interview w/ Senior Branding Specialist
    Probing, high-level, & informative
    We get to know & understand you
    Your Senior Branding Specialist will review your information ahead of time and schedule your interview.

    During this 60-minute session, the Senior Branding Specialist will have an in-depth conversation with you to determine your professional story. This session helps you understand how to effectively showcase your talent.

    Your Senior Branding Specialist may coach you on taking a powerful profile picture.
  • Powerful Profile Created For You
  • High-level profile that conveys credibility, provokes confidence, & compels action
    SEO to help it pop to the TOP
    Written & uploaded for you
    Your Senior Branding Specialist will create a unique and compelling profile that spotlights your background, experiences, and brands you as a high-level individual.

    We organically optimize your profile and 4 experiences with the right keywords to help get your profile found & seen by the right people. Our optimization helps you collide with the right type of opportunity.

    You also receive further optimization with embedded multimedia, PowerPoint slides, portfolio, and other additional LinkedIn profile sections.
  • Review/Strategy Session (60-min)
  • Review session to PERFECT your profile
    Strategy to TEACH you LinkedIn
    Your Senior Branding Specialist will review your profile with you and make any revisions necessary to make sure your objectives are achieved.

    Once your LinkedIn profile is live, your Senior Branding Specialist will provide you with the keys to understanding how to effectively utilize LinkedIn as a sales and business tool.

    Your Senior Branding Specialist will work directly with you to answer your burning LinkedIn questions and provide you with the training you need to best understand the intricacies of LinkedIn. This training is catered specifically to you and your LinkedIn goals. (60-minute session)
  • Mentoring & Support
  • 30 days of mentoring & support
    Hand holding to get you going
    Group Mastermind Sessions with Donna Serdula
    Even more importantly, you get 30 days of email support and phone mentoring (up to three, 15 minute conversations) with your Senior Branding Specialist.

    You will learn our proven techniques to truly crank up your impact and results on LinkedIn.

    You also get exclusive access to weekly Group Mastermind sessions with Donna Serdula. Discussions will center around LinkedIn, branding, reputation management, social media practices, job search tactics, etc...

    When your project is completed, you will have a solid professional brand designed and built just for you. Additionally, you will know how to leverage LinkedIn efficiently & expertly.
Questions? Call us at 215-839-0008 or schedule a call back.

LinkedIn Makeover in the News!

Donna Serdula is the author of LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies
LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Dummie Book

Interviewed on Business Insider!

Interviewed on the The Focus Group Talk Show, talking about LinkedIn and her latest book published in January 2017.

NBC featured our work, helping a professional to develop a strong LinkedIn profile that helped her land her dream job, in a segment.

A word from satisfied customers!

Clients often write to tell me how amazed they are that such a simple, affordable LinkedIn Makeover could make such a huge impact on their career. Click on the photos below to read their reviews.
I hired Donna to help me punch up my Linked In Profile. Donna’s ideas were wonderful. My Profile took a giant leap forward – presenting my business and my personality in an engaging description. With the profile and Donna’s insightful suggestions for handling my Linked In Account, my connections have increased six-fold. Profile views and searches are up substantially as well. With the new year, Social Media is taking a larger role in my business plan. Donna’s expertise and sage advice is helping me realize that goal.

Anne Costello Real Estate
I wanted to make sure my LinkedIn profile was polished and professional. Donna worked with me to ensure my profile was authentically my own and portrayed me as a leader in my industry. The two hour session was fun and I was surprised at how easy it was to get an optimized profile.

Jeff Northup President & CEO of EyeScience Labs, LLC
As a VP of Secondary Markets for Best Buy, and as someone who has a diversified professional background that includes Merchandising, Procurement, Global Sourcing, and eCommerce, I knew it was important to have a strong, professionally complete LinkedIn Profile to organize and summarize my past roles and responsiblities. With your help, I was able to move my LinkedIn profile from boring to attention grabbing. I am glad I upgraded from the Basic to the One on One service. The time was definitely well spent and working directly with you helped me a lot in thinking through how to best use my profile–you do amazing work. Thank you again!!!

Kevin Winneroski, Vice President of Secondary Markets, Best Buy
As a small business startup coach/mentor I understand the value of working with an expert to optimize your chances for success. Donna is an expert with a talent for pulling out information and putting that information into an interesting and compelling form. Donna was great to work with

Gary Simning Managing Principal at EntryInc
“I had really become unfocused in my job search and how I was presenting myself. Thanks to Donna I am looking at my professional experience and background in a whole new way. Donna has an inspired and out-of-the-box approach to linkedin profile makeovers. Just a few days after my ‘makeover’ I received a call from a recruiter (I had no signs of interest from anyone for a very long time). Even though this job wasn’t the right fit I am more hopeful for future opportunities.

Dagmar Dworatzek Legal/IT/Admin Support
Donna is a master chef with words!!! she was able to understand and articulate my personal brand. My Linkedin page is more than I could have expected! Thank you Donna! I highly recommend her if you are struggling to really make a lasting impression, what Donna can do for you and your Linkedin page will utterly amaze you and satisfy even the greatest of skeptics! You won’t’ be disappointed!”

Jasmine V. Smith Executive Account Manager at CDW
Donna has been an excellent help in organizing my LinkedIn profile. She has a great sense of what works and is able to customize her work to fit the individual in a way that effectively showcases one’s talent.

Steven Schmidbauer, Nonprofit Executive Director
Donna provided a valuable service by building a professional LinkedIn profile for my new financial consulting business, HMO Financial Solutions, LLC. Donna worked on my project with enthusiasm, creativity and a passion for delivering a value-added product. She is an expert on how to get the most exposure using all of LinkedIn’s available tools. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to build a LinkedIn profile that is “second to none”.

Martin J. Brill