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LinkedIn Makeover

LinkedIn Profile Tips

What Makes a LinkedIn Profile POWERFUL?

Your LinkedIn profile is NOT your resume. Your resume is your professional past. It’s dull, boring and often task-based. Your LinkedIn profile is your CAREER FUTURE! It’s who you are, how you help people, and why you deserve to be noticed. A POWERFUL LinkedIn Profile sells YOU!

Here is an example of a POWERFUL LinkedIn profile

Notice how this LinkedIn profile is NOT copied and pasted from a resume.

Best LinkedIn profile example

#1. Branded Background Picture Your LinkedIn background photo should match your personal/professional brand and convey your unique message. The best LinkedIn background photo reflects what you do and what inspires you.

#2. Professional Head Shot Photograph Your LinkedIn profile is your digital introduction and first impression with your reader. It’s important to look your best and a professionally taken photograph will ensure you are portrayed in the best light!

#3. Attention-Getting Headline Your LinkedIn Headline is very much like a headline in a newspaper. It should grab your reader’s attention and compel them to READ MORE! Access my LinkedIn Headline Generator App to quickly and easily create a POWERFUL LinkedIn Headline that will get you noticed and found! Why not? It’s FREE!

#4. Over 500 Connections A strong network shows you are serious about connecting and expanding your reach.

#5. Customized URL, Websites, and Contact Information A customized URL allows you to extend your brand and further optimize your LinkedIn profile. Your public profile address is the direct link to your LinkedIn profile. By customizing the address with your name, you are able to add it to your email signature, resume, cover letter, letterhead, business card, and marketing literature. Websites and Contact Information provide your reader with the ability to reach out, learn more, and continue their experience with you.

#6. Compelling, Interesting Summary Your LinkedIn Summary needs to POP! This is your chance to demonstrate to the world that you are an expert and someone who deserves to be noticed! This is where you sell yourself and showcase your accomplishments.


Why? Your LinkedIn profile is NOT your resume! Your resume is your professional history. Your LinkedIn profile is your career future! Your resume is dry, boring, and task-based. Your LinkedIn summary should be engaging and impressive to your reader. It should COMPEL them to pick up the phone and call you!

#7. Clear Call to Action It’s important to tell your reader what to do once they’ve finished reading your LinkedIn summary. Tell them how to reach you! How many opportunities are you missing because you didn’t include your contact information?

#8. Multimedia Work Samples Your LinkedIn profile should act as a portfolio or compendium of all your great work. Rather than simply DESCRIBE what you’ve done throughout your career, embed PowerPoint presentations, whitepapers, photos, videos, etc… to SHOW your reader.

More LinkedIn Profile Examples

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! There is so much more to your LinkedIn Profile!

Best LinkedIn Profile Example

#9. Articles & activity
This section not only shows that you are active on LinkedIn (think of it as a time/date stamp of freshness) but that you are also engaged with your network and adding value.

#10 & 11. Complete Experiences, Keyword-Rich
A POWERFUL LinkedIn profile includes your past experiences. This area is highly sensitive when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By including keywords that people are using to find someone like you, you are ensuring that your LinkedIn profile performs well in search and that YOU WILL BE FOUND.

Best LinkedIn Profile Example

Education, Licenses & Certifications, Volunteer Experiences
Your LinkedIn profile acts as a viewport into your background.

Best LinkedIn Profile Example

Additional Profile Sections
Your LinkedIn profile extends far past the work experience section. Volunteer Experiences & Causes, Certifications, Education, Interests, and Groups & Associations are just a few of the additional sections that comprise your COMPLETE LinkedIn profile.

Best LinkedIn Profile Example

Get Your LinkedIn Profile Optimized

It’s a competitive world out there. In order to succeed, you must stand out from the crowd! You are what you present and your LinkedIn profile is often times your first impression and digital introduction. Does it cast you in the best light?

Professionally Written LinkedIn Profile Examples

I have helped OVER FIVE THOUSAND people with their LinkedIn profiles. Check out our before and after images as well as direct links to linkedin profile examples my team and I have optimized.

Want a POWERFUL LinkedIn Profile?

You can either hire us to write your LinkedIn profile OR you can check out some of my very awesome LinkedIn products that will help you craft a winning LinkedIn profile and help you use LinkedIn more effectively!

LinkedIn Makeover Reviews

Here are just a few LinkedIn testimonials given to me by clients who went through our LinkedIn Makeover process.

I am extremely happy

The way you understood my requirements and interpreted the combination of skills and personality was very impressive…I am extremely happy though with my new look profile.

Saskia Verraes

Easy to read and more pro

So nice to talk to Wendi and Gail about what I need to improve my Linkedin. And they were very good listeners. Now my profile looks so good. Easy to read and more pro. thank you for your help. Kind regards, Makiko Sano

Makiko Sano

professional work and the personal attention

The revised profile nicely reflects what I wanted it to show. The branding specialist I was assigned to listened to what I wanted. Also, after the initial version was created I was allowed to give my feedback and have a phone call. She discussed the changes and made a few further revisions based on what I suggested. I really appreciate the professional work and the personal attention I was given.

Arunodoy Sur

amazing job of capturing my work history much better than I could have myself

I worked with Marissa and she was extremely professional and did an amazing job of capturing my work history much better than I could have myself. She was genuinely interested in “my story” and portraying that accurately on my profile. I have recommended LinkedIn-Makeover.com to several friends already and will continue to do so!

Shelly Lowerison

my life and work are merged into “Me”

I thought Richard did a great job, and the results are just what I was looking for. Not sure if I’ve shaken up the LinkedIn world yet, but at least my life and work are merged into “Me.” 🙂

David Victor

Extremely Outrageous Customer Service

Great job, exactly as promised! One issue addressed within a few hours and over my objection, they insisted on starting over! “Extremely Outrageous Customer Service”

Ivan Shulman

the service was excellent

The attention was very good. The service was excellent.

Carlos Barreiro-Martinez

so quick and yet so thorough

I was amazed at how you can be so quick and yet so thorough. It would have taken me months to get the profile updated instead of a week – and it wouldn’t have been so well done.”

Jackie Freedman

Great service, friendly, helpful team

Great service, friendly, helpful team. Highly recommend the makeover for people who have not had to do a resume for a while.

Gareth Moore


Pam was amazing. She took her time to get to know me and write with her best judgment what represented me the most.

Prince Nnah

listened to me, and then communicated my values and experiences

I thought the process was extremely well done. The person who worked on my profile listened to me, and then communicated my values and experiences in a very succinct but compelling final form. Very thorough and professional.

Bruce Dreblow

excellent service

From the very first time I contacted LinkedIn-Makeover.com, I received excellent service. E-mails were answered rapidly, and calls were scheduled to discuss the Makeover. What a terrific team of professionals! I highly recommend their services!

Mary Wallace

really captured my background and accomplishments

I thought the profile not only really captured my background and accomplishments but did it in a very engaging way.

Scott Benton

saved me a lot of time

Efficient and accurate. Good experience and saved me a lot of time!

Scott Kilinski

easy to sign up and go through the process

It was easy to sign up and go through the process. Ashley was the perfect person for me and I am so happy with her work. I learned a lot from her!

Sara Julian

I was initially hesitant…My concern was needless

Because I’m a writer, I was initially hesitant about having help with the revisions of my profile and whether or not someone else would attempt to shape my thoughts of myself in ways that might lead to a professional profile, but might not reflect who I am. My concern was needless. The LinkedIn Associate who took the lead in reviewing and ultimately revising my profile was not only a consummate professional but also completely personal and understanding of my hesitations. She worked diligently with me to find both the professional tone that my profile needed, but also to be true to myself in the ways that mattered to me. She listened to me carefully, figuring out what I was struggling to identify how I truly wanted to be viewed on LinkedIn. Subsequently, she created a profile draft that we reviewed together with very few changes, for she had captured all that I had hoped for in the language of LinkedIn, which is exactly what I needed. If need be, I know that I can reach out to her again and she would respond with professional knowledge and personal attention to detail. Thank you, Heather, many times over.

Mary Brownell

professional, knowledgeable, pleasant to work with

Your staff was professional, knowledgeable, pleasant to work with and extremely helpful. I was very satisfied with their work product.

Andrew Knuckle

fun to work with

Pam was great–fun to work with and very skillful. She’s also very good at keeping the project on track!

Matthew Slavik

thorough and high-quality final product

Professional service in a timely manner and a thorough and high-quality final product. Completely satisfied and glad I outsourced it to the pros!

Jeremy Lieberman

Extremely useful

Your LinkedIn service was excellent. Extremely useful and I got really good feedback from Heather Maigur who did my profile.

My only regret is I didn’t do this sooner

I am blown away by the quality of work produced. The personal interview was a great touch and I’m glad I went with this package. My only regret is I didn’t do this sooner.

Lindsay Vose

A million thanks

Hi Donna, My LinkedIn Makeover that your firm created is outstanding! Wendy Blessing did an amazing job on the profile and Alison Lorraine did an amazing job on my resume and cover letter! A million thanks, you guys rock!

Joe Rizzi

fresh approach to successful branding

Laurel Dowswell did a great job of tweaking my existing LinkedIn profile to make it more of a “branding document.” She was very receptive to my desires and offered very constructive feedback. I would recommend these services to anyone wanting a fresh approach to successful branding.

Foster Taliaferro

killer LinkedIn presentation

Friendly, no pressure, service, and a staff who works with the client to make a killer LinkedIn presentation.

Justin St. James, Esq.

knocking it out of the park

Donna and Dionne, I would like to Thank You and Your Team for once again ‘knocking it out of the park’ with my recent Linkedin Update. Pam Allen is a tremendous asset for your organization! She is a true professional and outstanding writer that completed a first-class original Profile and then again on the Profile Update!

Best wishes for your company’s continued success!

Robert Law

Expert consultation resulting in expert outcomes

Great service! Suggestions to improve my profile that I had never considered. Expert consultation resulting in expert outcomes. Thanks again for all the help!

Keith Reitzel

Loved every part of it

Loved every part of it, especially your team!

Chris Martin

my voice came through your writing

I really appreciated the level of professionalism and the manner in which my voice came through your writing.

Lorraine Wiseman

I felt valued and appreciated

Very professional way to approach your clients. I had a really great experience, and I felt valued and appreciated, and most importantly, I was listened to and the outcome was amazing. Thank you

Roland Abella

helped me tell my unique story on LinkedIn

It was so exciting to have an expert consultant as my guide to helped me tell my unique story on LinkedIn! The business results were excellent!

David Holt

explained my past better

Quick and explained my past better than even I could have!

Joe Cox

a worthwhile investment

It was definitely a worthwhile investment. My true credentials came out to be much more impressive in the new format.

Pateel Papazian

very proud

Thanks so much for your assistance on my LinkedIn profile – I am very proud of my professional accomplishments and am now proud of how these are conveyed via LinkedIn. You and Kathi were a pleasure to work with! – Duane

Duane Kotsen

great, professional, knowledgeable and very responsive

I worked with Jan Stone. She was great, professional, knowledgeable and very responsive. The real make-a-difference aspect was her ability to ask me good questions, listen to my reply, then give me feedback without making me feel silly because I have not been in a personal search for a long time, and then only once. I enjoyed speaking with her.

Michael Jenkins

I have made 100+ contacts in just 3-4 days

I strongly recommend Donna & her team to make an incredible impact on your LinkedIn profile and CV. Special Kudos to Brooke & Jill for helping me with an outstanding CV. I have made 100+ contacts in just 3-4 days. Thanks again

Karena Cooke

changed my perception about myself & gave me a boost of confidence

My sessions with Carmen were focused and interesting. I love the way he coined out my profile from our discussions and my C.V. It also changed my perception about myself. Reading about my achievements in that light gave me a boost of confidence

Henry Aikhionbare

flooded with messages by recruiters

LinkedIn Makeover does an amazing service. Although I am going to grad school in the Fall, I have been flooded with messages by recruiters and have made connections that will be beneficial in the future.

Justin Franco

The result was a great resume and… a new job!

I contacted LinkedIn-Makeover.com on a Thursday afternoon with an immediate need of an updated resume. I had received an unexpected opportunity, but I needed to have a great resume by the following Monday. LinkedIn-Makeover.com assigned a great resume writer that worked over the weekend with me, writing and revising my resume, until it met my satisfaction. The result was a great resume and… a new job!

Fred Durand

hands down the best LinkedIn Makeover company out there

I have referred over 15 people to Donna and her company. She is hands down the best LinkedIn Makeover company out there. After using her service, I received 2 of my last job offers. They found me thanks to my stellar LinkedIn profile. I can’t recommend her more highly. It is worth every penny. Invest in yourself and work with Donna and her team to put your best foot forward!

Cathy Murphy

everything that I was hoping for

Your service was excellent, it was everything that I was hoping for. The quality, format and content was nearly perfect.

Marc Upchurch

worked magic

I loved my LinkedIn profile builder. Extremely professional and accurate, she worked magic. The coaching experience has been great too. Thank you so much, have already referred the service to many others and will continue to do so. Thanks for making my Frankenstein resume into a 2-page piece of magic I can be proud of!

Lois Nemcovsky

entire process was seamless

I already have recommended your services! Laurel was an amazing associate with whom to work. She really brought my "story" together in a clear and easy-to-understand way. The entire process was seamless and I definitely feel like the cost was an investment in myself.

Lori Willett

painless experience

I enjoyed my interactions with Carmen. It was a painless experience. Thank you

Vincent Mannion

given me new confidence in my job search

Hi Donna! As I let you know, you and Heather have transformed my profile, organized my work history and given me new confidence in my job search. Thanks!

Mary Kathryn Owen

high-level writing skills

I am very pleased with the high-level writing skills applied to my LinkedIn profile.

John W. Robertson

quick, easy and thorough

“It was quick, easy and thorough. Very professional.”

Alicia Speight

Strongly recommended

Great work, they turned around what I didn’t like in an excellent description. Strongly recommended.

Alonso Jose Da Silva II

A great investment

Wendi was really great – listened closely, drew out important information and then crafted a great LinkedIn profile for me. A great investment.

valuable, impactful and professional

The work of LinkedIn-Makeover.com has been valuable, impactful and professional. I highly recommend getting yourself a Makeover for your page.

Eric Willinghan

Service was great

Service was great. I needed to get my LinkedIn profile up to date, and received the assistance I needed

Margaret Prestipino

even had my wife sign up too

Overall, great experience (even had my wife sign up too).

Richard Jenkins

markets my capabilities in a way I could never have done by myself

I worked with Jill J and she was wonderful. The data collection form is comprehensive and gives the writer lots of material to work with. Also the two phone sessions were invaluable in capturing and clarifying information. My profile looks fantastic and markets my capabilities in a way I could never have done by myself. Thank you.

Pete Lamont

Good customer value

Well-conceived process and business model. Good customer value

Stanton Thomas

great to work with

My Branding Specialist was great. On top of simply writing up a good LinkedIn profile, she was very great to work with and had numerous very good ideas to enhance the impact of my profile.

Daniel Bednar