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Meet My Team of LinkedIn Profile Writers

When I started out writing LinkedIn profiles, I didn’t have a team of LinkedIn profile writers. Back then it was just me and my laptop. This worked for the first 3 years of this Website’s existence but something happened. More and more LinkedIn profiles needing optimization rolled in along with even more requests for presentations, keynotes, interviews, articles, etc. It was in February of 2012 that I realized that I could no longer go down this path on my own without a team of LinkedIn profile writers.

What to do?

I reached out to two women that I have known for years: Dionne Carrick and Audra Hammer Ross. I trained both of them personally on how to create POWERFUL LinkedIn profiles. Working with my clients, Dionne and Audra know my process inside and out and are ready to help you brand yourself professionally online. If you can’t work directly with me, Dionne and Audra are the very next best thing.

As time passed, we found that we needed to add even more people to the team. Enter Raymond, Tita, Sylvia, Cathy, Roy, Wendi, Carmen, Mitch, Judi, and others! We are now a full-fledged team of LinkedIn profile writers! Each writer has been trained by me and is held to my extremely high standards of quality and customer service. You can feel confident that they will help you forge a strong professional brand that SHINES!

Introducing My Team of LinkedIn Profile Writers

It’s important for you to know who you are teaming with to develop such an important part of your personal brand. I am proud to introduce you to my team of writers.

Dionne Carrick

General ManagerLinkedIn Profile Writer, General Manager, Dionne Carrick

Personal branding in today’s job market is very important for entrepreneurs, consultants, and employees who want to demonstrate their value and worth to employers. My name is Dionne Carrick and I can help you develop your own professional brand.

With a long history of servicing clients at a Fortune 500 company, I understand how important this project is to you and I will make sure we deliver results. As General Manager of Vision Board Media, I help keep our company running smoothly. I oversee all client engagements start through finish. I manage our team of LinkedIn profile writers and our corporate projects. You can rest assured knowing you are in good hands! We provide a hands-on experience from beginning to end.

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Audra Hammer Ross

Senior Branding SpecialistLinkedIn Profile Writer & Senior Branding Specialist, Audra Hammer Ross

My name is Audra Hammer Ross and I thrive on the intellectual challenge of crafting individual’s POWERFUL LinkedIn profile peppered with key phrases Hiring Managers and Recruiters look for in a candidate.

I have been an avid writer and logophile from an early age. My professional background encompasses 10+ years of counseling, coaching, consulting, and training experience.

My work in helping people realize results in their personal and professional lives draws on real-world knowledge gained through counseling and developing individuals and groups.

I am also active in my local community and have been recognized for my efforts in leading and promoting non-profit causes for children and mothers in difficult situations.

I am passionate about providing outstanding bios, resumes, and Website copy that help clients recognize and highlight the right accomplishments and achieve their goals.

With a Master of Science degree in Health Psychology from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, and post-graduate certification in home-based training from the Philadelphia Child & Family Therapy Training Center, I am ready to help you brand yourself professionally!

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Wendi Blessing

Senior Branding SpecialistLinkedIn Profile Writer & Senior Branding Specialist, Wendi Blessing

My name is Wendi Blessing and I write professional profiles that get people noticed on LinkedIn®.

I am a Branding Specialist with LinkedIn-Makeover.com, where we work with you to tell your unique story.

Your LinkedIn® profile is your chance to impress your reader and sell your expertise. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by with just copying and pasting your boring resume!

Let us help you showcase your professional expertise while infusing it with your personality.

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Heather Maigur

Senior Branding SpecialistLinkedIn Profile Writer & Senior Branding Specialist,  Heather Maigur

Even in our digital age, business is always, ultimately personal. To stand out among the masses of job seekers and corporate climbers, you must distinguish yourself as more than just another drab resume in the pile. You have unique skills, talents, accomplishments, and passions to offer. These qualities are both evidenced and shaped by your professional story, and it’s a story that deserves to be told well.

My name is Heather Maigur, and as a Branding Specialist with LinkedIn Makeover, I bring your story to life for potential clients, employers, and connections. I infuse your professional narrative with your personality, style, and voice. Fresh, engaging, and perfectly pitched to your industry and position, your LinkedIn profile will capture the right attention for your goals.An optimized LinkedIn profile can not only help prospective connections feel as though they know you, it can make them want to know you better. That’s where new professional relationships and opportunities begin.

Let’s tell your story together so that your next chapter is the best yet!

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Richard Lowe Jr

Senior Branding SpecialistLinkedIn Profile Writer & Senior Branding Specialist, Richard Lowe

It is said that you only have one chance to make a first impression, so you’d better make it count. In today’s technological world delivering your message and vision can be an overwhelming and daunting task. However, you do have the power to define yourself online and convey that unique and particular brand known as you. LinkedIn® – the most significant professional social media network in the world – is the best way to demonstrate your insight and understanding directly to your intended audience.

My name is Richard Lowe Jr, and it will be my pleasure to understand your particular and valuable brand and put together a LinkedIn profile to showcase you professionally and thoroughly. Your summary and experience will be written to include keywords to make you stand out and enable your clients, potential employers and other professionals to find you.

I am an experienced ghostwriter, published author, and professional writer, and have worked as a leader for over thirty-five years in the computer industry. I understand technology at all levels and have ghostwritten books on subjects as varied as the medical/industrial field, sales, business, human rights, the military, and management. Also, I write articles for blogs on a regular basis, and I’ve written several novels and memoirs.

I am passionate about providing an outstanding experience in creating excellent biographies and profiles to exhibit your unique qualities and experience. My purpose is to help you achieve your goals by highlighting the correct accomplishments and skills to bring out your best qualities.

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Pam Allen

Senior Branding SpecialistPam Allen, LinkedIn Profile Writer - Help with  your LinkedIn profile

Credibility and reputation effectively distinguish good companies from their competition. How are you doing this? I write exciting, on-point copy that helps businesses engage prospects and sell their products and services and effectively increase revenue.

A few things about me:

  • Experienced writer with diversified 25 year-background as a business reporter/editor. Expertise in case studies, white papers, annual reports, business plans, brand journalism, website writing/blogging, SEO keyword writing.
  • Knowledgeable in education, startups, restaurants, and hospitality, transportation, energy, nonprofits and entrepreneurship.
  • Award-winning media professional and excellent communicator with established relationships in print media, radio, and TV.
  • Deadline-driven and thorough. I interview, research and deliver your company’s message in your voice. I understand your need to distinguish brand and make money.

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Jeannette Williams

Branding SpecialistJeanette Williams, LinkedIn Profile Help

There are many great things in the world: things to do, things to learn, things to write. But who can do everything perfectly the first time? We do things badly before we do them well. The goal of the teacher is to help people do things well. This is one of my greatest passions. My other passion is writing, and helping other people write. Writing well does not come easily to everyone, but as GK Chesterton would agree, it’s worth doing anyway.

Your profile is your primary branding tool, the hub of your online activity. It’s not just the answer to the question “what.” It’s the answer to the question “who.” Before people do business with you, they have to find you. Then they have to resonate with you and believe you can help them.

Let me help you shine like a star in your marketplace. As a branding specialist with LinkedIn Makeover, I will bring out your core skills, experience, and achievements to clearly brand you the way YOU want to be branded, to draw the connections YOU want to draw.

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Roy Ivey

Senior Branding SpecialistLinkedIn Profile Writer & Senior Branding Specialist, Roy Ivey

I’m Roy Ivey, and I can help you present the messages you want your audiences to receive. I was forged in the newspaper business as a writer and editor, carrying out tasks both simple and complex under daily deadline pressure.

Nowadays, I optimize others’ profiles for LinkedIn, as I did my own, as a Branding Specialist for Vision Board Media’s LinkedIn-Makeover service. My experience in newspaper feature writing has come in handy making people’s profiles more attractive to prospective employers

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Carmen Lobis

Senior Branding SpecialistLinkedIn Profile Writer & Senior Branding Specialist, Carmen Lobis

Unless individuals know, like and trust you, meaningful discussions will not follow. Your LinkedIn profile is where that process starts.

My name is Carmen Lobis and in my 30+ years of senior marketing and sales positions I’ve learned how to do that and I can do it for you.

You face a daunting challenge of trying to stand out among the thousands of others on LinkedIn who have similar objectives as you. Few of us can truly be objective about presenting our best image. I see hundreds of profiles and have developed a keen insight on what sells and what doesn’t.

Together we will fashion your image in a way that projects the “who” you are, the “why” people should like you and “what” makes you trustworthy.

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Jan Stone

Senior Branding SpecialistJan Stone, LinkedIn profile writer

In the ubiquitous social networking world bred by the Internet, LinkedIn is the unrivaled professional networking site. Looking for a new position or employee? In search of suppliers or ways to expand sales channels? Curious about best practices or the competition? A strategically written LinkedIn profile facilitates all that, connecting you with like-minded colleagues and a venue to share your expertise. At LinkedIn-Makeover, Branding Specialists create profiles that convey your professional narrative, framing you through your experience and accomplishments in a style designed to achieve your goals.

My background is perfectly suited. A passion for words helped me reach executive ranks in the public relations world, where I worked for agencies representing international and Fortune 100 B2B and B2C clients across vertical markets. I’ve managed messaging through M&A’s, corporate crises, new product launches and rebranding initiatives. I’ve written white papers and thought leadership articles that champion new technologies in mature markets as well as keynote speeches, feature and bylined articles. And now I focus all of that experience on one LinkedIn-Makeover client at a time. Providence…?

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Laurel Dowswell

Senior Branding SpecialistLaurel Dowswell LinkedIn Profile Writer

In the age of digital media, it is crucial for professionals to have a positive and dynamic online social platform. My name is Laurel Dowswell, and I am a Branding Specialist at LinkedInMakeover.com.

Drawing from a long history of both business and creative writing — I’m a storyteller. I write professional profiles that drive to connect, and strive to showcase personal strengths and abilities in an honest and appealing approach that promotes forward movement. LinkedIn is a very powerful career tool, and I am here to help you reach not only your short-term goals, but to solidify a path to a very rewarding future.

Let’s work together to help your personal star shine. With a high-quality and comprehensive profile, your accomplishments are not only just words on a page, but a true vision of who you really are— a professional portrait that will make you get noticed, get connected, and help you to take the steps to exactly where you want to go.

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Joyel Crawford

Branding Specialist & Career CoachJoyel, a LinkedIn Profile Writer and Career Coach

My name is Joyel Crawford and I am a determined and passionate certified career coach and HR Consultant with over 15 years of experience Human Resources and career management. I am thrilled to bring my years of expertise to LinkedIn-Makeover.com and I am excited about helping others achieve their career and business goals.

As a Certified Career Coach and Leadership Development Training Consultant, whether someone is a new grad, a career changer, or a job seeker hoping to land the next big thing, I help others expertly navigate every step of the job search through proven resources, tools, and coaching.

Born and raised in New Jersey, I began my professional career shortly after graduating Cum Laude at Elon University with a Psychology degree as an Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellow. I obtained my MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a concentration in Management. I am also a Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) and I also hold PHR, SHRM-CP, DISC and Birkman certifications. I am a member of SHRM, PARW/CC and the Forbes Coaches Council.

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Jill Jaracz

Senior Branding SpecialistLinkedIn Profile Writer & Senior Branding Specialist,Jill Jaracz

If a LinkedIn profile is posted, does anyone notice? They do when you know how to make yours stand out in the crowd.

As a writer with over a decade of experience writing for major publications, local newspapers, content providers, blogs and corporations, I pride myself on providing well-written copy on deadline. I’m adept at listening to what clients are looking for in their content, finding reliable sources and creating content that fits your individual style.

As a Senior Branding Specialist, I can help you take your profile from one that reads like a resume to a profile that stands out in all of the Internet noise. I can also teach you tricks that can help you fully leverage the power of this business tool.

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Richard Hoffman

Branding Specialist & Resume WriterLinkedIn Profile Writer & Senior Branding Specialist, Richard Hoffman

My name is Richard Hoffman. I love helping professionals beat the odds in today’s competitive job market and move forward in their career. As Certified Professional Resume Writer, Academy Certified Resume Writer, Certified Employment Interviewing Professional and former Professional in Human Resources my sole mission is to provide professionals with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

By leveraging an education in Journalism and a career in Human Resources and Staffing, I develop LinkedIn profiles that get you noticed by the people that count.

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Sybil Fix

Branding SpecialistSybil Fix LinkedIn profile writer

It’s hard to talk about oneself. We doubt ourselves, or understate our accomplishments, or undervalue our beauty. In seeking the right measure of modesty, we filter and cloud.

It’s a hard balance to strike.

This might not matter but for our new and universally digitized world, where who we are and what we do is out there for all to see, and people are looking. People are reading about you. And in what could be the most critical moment of your life—when you want to put yourself out there—you want them to find something worth reading.
So, let someone else tell your story: someone who can see your worth, ferret out your accomplishments, and make you shine.
My name is Sybil Fix and I want to write your LinkedIn profile.

With a lifelong career in writing, an accomplished career in print journalism, extensive experience interviewing, and much-varied work in editing and copyediting, I bring to your LinkedIn makeover attention to detail, a comprehensive understanding of many topics (or an ability to learn about them!), and the care and perspective to get behind you and your success.

With a strong liberal arts education, many varied life experiences, several languages, an upbringing abroad, and a passion for painting roosters and chickens, I like to think I relate to people of all walks of life and the makings of many diverse professions. Lives intrigue me, as do the little kernels of information that make you unique.
In writing about your life, your narrative, and your goals, I seek to tell your most complete and exhilarating story.

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Ellie Cook-Venezia

Senior Branding SpecialistLinkedIn Profile Writer & Senior Branding Specialist, Ellie Cook-Venezia

You already know most people head straight to the internet for information. Have you dressed for success by putting your best foot forward when creating your digital footprint? Have you leveraged LinkedIn®, the largest professional database, with over 347 million users?

My name is Ellie Cook-Venezia. My LinkedIn profile headline reads, “Brand Strategist ► Robust Profile Writer ♦ WorkReadyNH Goodwill Ambassador ♦ Foodie ♦ Social Media Butterfly”.

I believe your job shouldn’t define you. It should reflect you. Your LinkedIn® profile should reflect you as well. It provides the cornerstone from which to showcase “the story of you” outside of the traditional resume or CV formats. Let’s join forces to fashion and elevate your keyword-rich profile to share your story!

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Resume Writers


Brooke Shipbaugh

Resume Writer

Hi! I’m Brooke— a career enthusiast and resume development pro! I assist clients down the path of creating awesome resumes and professional documents to thrust them into the next stages of their career with a recharged ambition and original brand.

With a raw ability to organize ideas and put them onto a page with new energy, I make this process fun and exciting. My background in journalism gave me a unique skill in interviewing and data gathering. An innate writing ability rounds out the delivery of original and compelling career stories.

Steve Burdan

Resume WriterExecutive Resume Writer, Steve Burdan

In every bad resume, there is a great career story struggling to break free and be understood by potential employers. Jobseekers almost never lack the right abilities, but they do lack proper packaging. My name is Steve Burdan and I develop and support clear, concise and flexible Resumes, Bios, Cover Letters and LinkedIn Profiles for thousands of jobseekers around the world.


Jessica Clark

LinkedIn Profile Writer AdminJessica Clark helps with our LinkedIn Group, Profile Makeover: Optimization Secrets. Jessica also helps me keep all lines of communication open, triaging my email and making sure clients are moving through the process quickly.

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Lisa Serdula

Lisa Serdula is Chief Creative Officer of Vision Board Media. She handles our Social Media Strategy and Graphic Design projects. Lisa brings great creativity, innovation and a drive for excellence to Vision Board Media and LinkedIn-Makeover.com.

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Should you wish to speak directly to any of the LinkedIn Profile Writers on this page, just let me know. I would be happy to set up a call. Each and every one of these LinkedIn Profile Writers has been trained by me and shares my vision. You can feel comfortable knowing you are in good hands!

Phone: 215-839-0008