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LinkedIn Makeover

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions I get regarding my LinkedIn Profile writing service. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact me.

Question: Can you provide me with a quote as to how much this will cost?

Answer: Check out my LinkedIn Profile Optimization pricing page… everything is there! If you have different needs, please feel free to contact me!

Question: Can you provide me with samples of your work?

Answer: Check out my LinkedIn Profile Examples page… there are links to profiles I’ve recently optimized. You can also check out my Twitter feed, as well

Question: What information will you need from me?

Answer: We ask that you fill out a questionnaire and send us your resume. After that, depending on the service you choose, we may set up a phone interview to learn more about you directly.


Answer: No worries! Choose either our Interactive or All Access services. As long as you fill out the questionnaire, we don’t require a resume. You may be interested to know that we also provide Resume writing services… click here to learn more.

Question: What service do I choose?

Answer: I highly recommend the All Access session. It is truly my most popular service AND it provides you with the most COMPLETE and PERSONALIZED LinkedIn profile. Additionally, the All Access service includes tips on how to best utilize LinkedIn for maximum results. If you are still are not sure what service is the best for you, feel free to email or call me.

Question: How long does a LinkedIn Makeover usually take?

Answer: Once we receive your order, we will email you immediately to get started on your LinkedIn Makeover. If you don’t receive an email, check your SPAM folder. The eDelivery service provides you with an optimized profile 3 – 7 business days AFTER you send us your completed questionnaire and resume. When it comes to Interactive or All Access, we typically schedule anywhere from the same week the order was placed to 1 week out depending on schedules. Your optimized LinkedIn profile will be completed 3 – 7 business days after the interview session. The final review session (Interactive or All Access) will commence soon thereafter. Usually the process is 10 days total, but we can move faster or slower depending on your needs.

Question: What do I get with a LinkedIn Makeover?

Answer: Here’s what your LinkedIn Makeover gives you: Catchy Headline and a compelling, professionally written Summary, 3 professional experiences with optimized job titles, 50 Skills, 3 Schools under Education, Contact Information, and Contact Advice.

Depending on what you provide us, we will also add Additional Profile Sections: Up to 5 Organizations, up to 5 Honors & Awards, up to 5 Projects, up to 5 Publications, up to 5 Patents, up to 5 Volunteer Experiences, up to 5 Certifications, up to 5 Courses, up to 5 Test Scores, and up to 5 Languages. We will also optimize your LinkedIn profile (SEO) for your keywords AND we will customize your LinkedIn URL. We can update your LinkedIn profile for you or we can provide you our content in a Word document that you can input and upload yourself.

Lastly, you get access to our LinkedIn Toolbox that is chock full of Hidden, SECRET LinkedIn Gems, videos that SHOW YOU what you need to know, LinkedIn tools for EFFICIENCY, TEMPLATES to save you time AND access to ALL my eBooks.

Question: Do you guys write resumes as well?

Answer: Yes we do write resumes! Check out our LinkedIn Profile and Resume Writing Service Packages and Pricing page. If you have different needs, please feel free to contact me!.

Question: I've placed the order, now what?

Answer: Once you place the order, we will send you an email letting you know we received your order. In this email we will request a copy of your resume and ask that you answer our 10 question (give or take a question) questionnaire.

Question: What are the initial questions you will ask me?

Answer: Here’s a sampling of questions asked: How do you intend to use your LinkedIn profile? Are you selling people services or are you looking for employment or are you using it as a professional portfolio, etc…?

What keywords would people use for search that should lead them to you?

And did you want me to update your profile directly or would you prefer I send you the text and you can update it yourself?

If you want us to enter the optimized profile, what is your login information?

Provide me 3 accomplishments that you achieved in your career that make you proud.

Is there a quote or a book that inspires you, if so, what is it?

Question: I am not a good writer-- can't we just talk rather than having me fill out a questionnaire?

Answer: Absolutely! Choose the All Access and send us your resume and you won’t have to write a thing!

Question: Can you provide me a document with my new profile AND then after I approve it enter it into LinkedIn for me?

Answer: We can do that at the Interactive or All Access level but not the eDelivery. At the eDelivery level, either we enter it directly into LinkedIn for you OR we provide you with the new profile via email.

Question: Do you provide LinkedIn Training so I can use LinkedIn more effectively?

Answer: YES! YES! Our All Access service provides LinkedIn training and 30 days of mentoring and support. If you just want training, check out our Training Services page and you will see that you can easily order up some personalized, one on one training! If you have a specific LinkedIn Training need, please reach out to me and I’ll try to help as best I can.

Question: I'm a previous customer, can I get a discount?

Answer: We love our clients! Check out the discounted services we have for returning clients: LinkedIn Profile Update.

Question: I am so happy! Right after you performed my LinkedIn Makeover, I GOT A JOB! Can I send you a present?

Answer: You are so sweet! But we did what you hired us to do!