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The Bucks County 2011 Job Fair was a huge success! We had over 800 people register and I wouldn’t be surprised if about that number showed up for the fair. This is my second year volunteering my time to the Job Fair. I helped promote the event, I performed FREE LinkedIn Profile Assessments and I presented on the topic, “Finding Jobs in the Internet Savvy Millennium.”

The LinkedIn Profile Assessments were the most fun since I was able to talk, one on one, with so many people. I saw a lot of LinkedIn Profiles yesterday and most of them looked exactly alike.  Here’s the points I brought up over and over again in my LinkedIn Profile Assessments:

  • No profile picture
  • Boring LinkedIn Headline
  • Public Profile link not customized
  • LinkedIn Summary copied and pasted from resume
  • No contact information ANYWHERE
  • Additional Information left blank

Look, LinkedIn is a database. Recruiters, HR Professionals, Hiring Managers, Owners are using it to research job candidates. Knowing that they are looking at your profile and your competitors’ profiles, isn’t it important for your profile to truly SHINE! All it takes is a little effort.

Here is the advice I gave during the LinkedIn Profile Assessments:

  • Add a profile picture! Show the world you are serious about your job search. Heck, show the world you are clean, pleasant and well-adjusted. Go to a professional photographer and have him or her prhotographyou. It’s worth every penny you spend.
  • Your headline should be punchy, It should compel a person to open your profile and read more. Need help coming up with something awesome?  My book contains a ton of examples of great LinkedIn Headlines.
  • LinkedIn Makeover: Professional Secrets to a POWERFUL LinkedIn Profile

  • Customize your Public Profile link… make it easy to promote yourself! And then slap that URL on your resume, cover letter, business card, email signature, etc… (My book explains how to customize your LinkedIn Public Profile URL)
  • Your LinkedIn Summary is where you SELL YOURSELF. It starts with your elevator pitch. How do you benefit people/companies? Why did you decide upon this career?  What is your career philosophy? What is your passion?  Talk about your core management values. (Yeah, my book also has a ton of LinkedIn Summary examples, too!)
  • At the end of your summary, give a clear call to action along with your phone number and email address. Make it easy for people to get in touch with you.
  • Fill out the Additional Information Section! Yes, divulge your hobbies and interests.  This helps people find out more about the real you and it helps your reader later when it’s time to have a conversation with you… say in an interview! Don’t forget your Groups & Associations and Honors & Awards! Your future employer wants to know you are involved in your community and your industry outside of work.

Wow, and I didn’t even get into Experiences or Education or the Additional Profile Sections!

Thank you to the Washington Crossing United Methodist Church for putting on such a great job fair and truly helping people back to the path of employment!

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