Weekly Link Roundup: LinkedIn & Executive Branding Links from Around the Web, August 5th

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linkedin helpSometimes you just have to throw up your arms and give up. It’s true! Giving up is not the mark of a loser. It was last December when I had an amazing epiphany that changed my life. You see, I am an inveterate journaler and every year I write down my New Year’s Resolutions and then the next year I check to see how well I did.

Going through a decade’s worth of journal entries detailing my New Year’s Resolutions, I noticed that for the last 10 years I had a repeated resolution that I consistently failed at… BIG TIME. It was keeping my house clean.

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t do it.

Now don’t get me wrong, my house wasn’t disgusting but it wasn’t as neat as I desired. Rather than accept this failure on my part, I decided it was time to give up and accept that I can’t do it on my own. ON MY OWN were the operative words. I gave up and hired a cleaning woman. That was one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only do I have a clean house but I am also helping a woman in her own small business by being a paying customer. It’s awesome. And it all happened because I GAVE UP!

And so you are probably thinking, “Uh, yeah, interesting story Donna but what does this have to do with LinkedIn, Executive Branding or even your weekly Monday Morning Link Roundup post?

When I started The Monday Morning Link Roundup blog series, my intention was I’d post all the links I curated on Twitter and LinkedIn throughout the week on Monday morning. It’s currently 10:00AM on Tuesday and I am only now getting around to this blog entry. So I’ve decided to give up and rename it WEEKLY LINK ROUNDUP. This way, I am right on time!

Have you ever been in a situation when giving up was the best thing to do? How about sharing it with us in the comments of this blog post?

Side note: I have another blog entry brewing– all about my time spent at the National Speaker’s Association Annual Conference. Keep your eye’s peeled!

Every day I post helpful LinkedIn tips and links to interesting articles about LinkedIn, job search, executive branding and self improvement on Twitter and LinkedIn. Each Monday I post a roundup of all those great tips and links.

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So here it is, a list of all the links I’ve curated over the last week. Enjoy!


3 Easy Ways Get More Profile Views to Your LinkedIn Profile!

LinkedIn Signal Discontinued! Bye Bye! Ľ LinkedIn Makeover: LinkedIn Profile Optimization

LinkedIn Connection Request, Why Must I Add an Email Address?

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The End of LinkedIn Answers and some Q&A Alternatives

5 Easy Tips to a POWERFUL LinkedIn Profile for Young Professionals

Social Media

Tips On Using Social Media as Your Secret Sales Weapon via @LinkedIn

26 Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Profiles via @smexaminer

Bridging the Gap Between Social Media and PR by @LisaBarone via @sewatch

Facebook Introduces Embeddable Posts via @mashable

Social-Media-Management Firm HootSuite Raises $165 Million via @adage

Pinterest Now Sends Alerts When Items You Pin Go on Sale via @mashable

Facebook Introduces Embeddable Posts by @dendritepark via @B2Community

Personal Branding

Trusted Personal Brand: One Conversation at a Time via @B2Community

What Type of Personal Brand Are You? via @B2Community

Time Management Tips for Personal Branding Success via @B2Community

The Branding Perfection Myth by @patricksitkins via @B2Community

The Future of Corporate Branding is Personal by @ZoeSentirmai via @B2Community

4 Examples of Excellent Twitter Customer Service via @smexaminer

Using Google+ Hashtags For Your Personal Brand via @B2Community

Job Search

The Six Best Ways To Find Your Next Job via @forbes

Give Your Job Search A Boost & Avoid Blame via @B2Community

Boomers: Get job recruiters on your side – Andrea Coombes’ Working Retirement via @MarketWatch

20 questions for your job search via @TalentTalks

Interesting Articles

Why Donít People Follow Good Advice? via @B2Community

Negotiate a Win-Win Solution in the Workplace via @B2Community

Create a Flipbook of Your Top 20 Instagrams With Everlapse Tool via @mashable

15 Small Business Tips to Become a Networking Pro [SLIDESHOW] | Official LinkedIn Blog via @LinkedIn

How Hackers Can Turn Your Android Into A SpyPhone via @mashable

Futuristic Opener Lets You Drink Wine Without Uncorking the Bottle via @mashable

Starbucks Partners With Google to Speed Up Wi-Fi in Stores via @mashable

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