Recent Podcast Guest Appearances

Podcast Guest that speaks on LinkedIn, Branding, and Leveling Up
Podcast Guest Speaking on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Branding, and Corporate Leadership

Podcasts are addictive. I love listening to them. I love hosting my own. And, I love being a podcast guest on podcasts of all sizes.


Because I get to share my expertise with an audience of people that I didn’t have access to before I met the podcast host.

Audiences around the world are tuning in to podcasts on every topic imaginable. Podcasts are not just for the wildly popular True Crime junkies who love “Serial” and “Accused.” Podcasts are exploding in popularity for audiences interested in:

  • business
  • entrepreneurs
  • real estate
  • marketing
  • social media
  • law

–Just to name a few. –

People are tuning in during their commutes, workouts, and quiet time. They’re popping in AirPods while they grocery shop, do the laundry, and fall asleep. Me, I love listening to my favorite podcasts as I take my morning walk, this way I get to cross two items off my to do list and I feel smarter along the way.

It was in 2012 that I had my first podcast guest appearance. The podcast was called “It’s a Monkey,” and I talked all about how to effectively use LinkedIn. Since then, I’ve appeared on so many podcasts that I’ve lost count.  I’ve even started my own podcast called, Dream Big with Big Dreamers

Getting My Message Out There As a Podcast Guest

Podcasts work so well because I love to share my knowledge, experience, and expertise with a global audience. I’ve made it my life’s work to help professionals change their lives. Whether someone is just starting out on their career journey or they are an established executive, my team and I are here to help them improve their personal branding.

This comes in so many forms:

Everything is a reflection of you: your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and even your LinkedIn posts. I built my company to help everyone project their brand– to achieve success.

I’ve been getting emails recently saying, “You were a podcast guest on my favorite podcast and I realized I really need your help!” It’s really gratifying to hear that the word is getting out there about how to take control of your personal story. Your LinkedIn profile is a reflection of you. It’s your digital business card. It’s often your first impression to people you’ve never met before: why not control the narrative and make it shine?

Podcast Guest Appearances

Take a listen to some of the podcasts I’ve recently appeared on and let’s start your branding journey together. Here’s the round-up of the awesome podcasts I’ve had the pleasure of appearing on just since the start of 2022:

Women’s Leadership Success

Sabrina Braham hosts this fabulous podcast. She had me on her episode entitled, Executive Women LinkedIn Optimization, How You Can Build Your Brand, Grow Your Network, and Get Better Jobs. We had so much fun and I gave so much information, she split the podcast into two parts: Part I  & Part II.

Boss Lady in Sweatpants

Allison Scholes is the host of this informative podcast for mompreneurs. She called the episode, LinkedIn For Dummies with Donna Serdula. We talked about LinkedIn and how mom business owners can utilize it more effectively.  

Social Sunshine

Brittney Crosson hosts the fun and irreverent Social Sunshine podcast. Brittney is known for her crazy Instagram hijinks featuring her peloton, wine, and kids. This episode veered from her Instagram norm as we discussed LinkedIn and branding but we kept it light and frothy: Learning LinkedIn with Donna Serdula

More Than Corporate

Amber Fuhriman is the host of More Than Corporate. She’s a recovering attorney and NLP practitioner. We totally needed it up in this podcast interview: More Than a Resume with Donna Serdula

Work at Home Rockstar

Tim Melanson’s long-running podcast, Work at Home Rockstar brought me in to talk about LinkedIn through a work from home lens. Tim was super sweet and easy to talk to. You can watch a video of this podcast here.

Your First Thousand Clients

Mitch Russo is a Business Growth Strategist who worked alongside THE Tony Robbins! Mitch wanted me on his podcast to discuss LinkedIn for business acquisition. A real class act, I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation! He called this episode, LinkedIn Optimization: The Best Way to Maximize LinkedIn Results With Donna Serdula

Video Podcast Appearances

And here are a couple video podcasts:

HRLD’s Listening Lounge

Nick Day hosts this fast and informative 10-minute video podcast.  Nick Day is a Payroll & HR Search & Recruitment Expert and works for JGA Recruitment Group, the UK’S premier Payroll, HR & Marketing recruitment business.

Listening Lounge 10-Minute Episode:

Marketing for Your Future

My friend Cindy Ashton hosts the video podcast show, Marketing for Your Future. You may have seen Cindy recently, she opened New York Fashion Week with a performance right in the middle of Times Square. She didn’t sing during our interview but she did ask me amazingly insightful questions:

Marketing for Your Future with Donna Serdula from Vision Board Media LLC from Daily Ad Brief TV on Vimeo.

I look forward to more appearances that I can share with you in the coming days. Thanks for reading! 


–Donna Serdula
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