A LinkedIn Thanksgiving: A Message of Thanks

Thanksgiving Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a bittersweet holiday for me. It’s a holiday that for me, belonged to my father. He took over the holiday from my mother over a decade ago. It happened when he decided he wanted to try deep frying. After that first turkey, it became a yearly tradition. Neighbors would gather in our backyard with trays of turkeys, waiting their turn for the deep fryer. My dad loved telling people his process and he took such pride in the meal. Yesterday was our second Thanksgiving without him and although it’s getting easier, I find myself sentimental and pensive.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Looking back at the last year, I am grateful for so many things and to so many people. I think back to last February when I sat down with best selling author, Ken MacArthur. I remember him telling me, “Donna, you have to bring people on to help you… if you don’t you will burn out and everything you’ve accomplished will be for nothing.” I am grateful for that meeting with Ken because he truly helped me make that break through where I was able to stop working IN the business and start working ON the business. Hooray for the E-Myth!

It was shortly after that meeting that I brought on Dionne Carrick and Audra Hammer Ross. These two women are amazing! There are no words to adequately describe the thankfulness in my heart. They came on board behind the scenes, writing profiles and now they are true partners. No longer behind the scenes, Dionne and Audra are right there next to me, consulting with clients and acting as brand advisors.

Also on our team are Laura and Raymond. Laura Buckley helps with my scheduling and she handles order processing. Without her, I’d be perfectly lost. Not one for organization, I am constantly amazed at how she came in and somehow brought order to my chaos. Raymond Rose came on board a month ago. Not only did he get up and running super fast, he continues to amaze me with his ability to infuse a profile with passion, energy, and enthusiasm. I am so grateful for both Laura and Raymond.

Who else? My sister decided to come on board as project manager. Note how it was her decision. Lisa took charge of the design of the 2nd edition book cover of LinkedIn Makeover: Professional Secrets to a POWERFUL LinkedIn profile (Coming out shortly!!!!). She also revamped the logo to this Website AND she had actual, professional business cards designed for us. If that’s not enough, she even revamped Vision Board Media‘s logo and Website.

Can I just say my cup runneth over? I am so grateful to be surrounded by a team of people I love, trust, and admire. What started out as a crazy vision has truly bloomed into… I want to say “something beyond my wildest dreams” but that is not true. This is what I had envisioned when I started. A company that understands the power of the Internet in shaping people’s professional identity, brand, and reputation. A company that helps people succeed in a crowded marketplace. A company comprised of people who want to make a difference. A company that allows people flexibility and freedom.

When you get right down to it, I am grateful to YOU my clients and readers. You have been the ones who have made all this possible. And I will continue to strive to provide a service that helps people from all over the world and all walks of life obtain the future they know they deserve.

Thank YOU!!!!

Dionne, Donna, and ConorHere’s a picture of me and Dionne at Thanksgiving dinner with the world famous professional soccer player for DC United, Conor Shanosky.

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  1. Hello Donna thanks so much for sharing your toughs with us I can understand completely
    My mom past many years ago but until this day I still get choke up around Christmas time because it was my first Christmas with my wife when we lost her so it’s kind of sad and hard to deal with. Toady it’s happy and sad all at the same time but we loved her and we know she’s with us still.

    Remember this and it will help you get past the sad part. As long as you have good memories of your father and a kind heart, you will be ok and it will get easier as time passes.

    Will you ever for him? the answer to that is no. He will always be in your heart and with you in spirit.

    God bless…Robert Goss

  2. Hi Donna,

    I am so happy to be part of this amazing journey! Thank you. It’s exciting to transform a person’s LinkedIn Profile or resume that gets them noticed by HR Recruiters or Employment Managers.

    Looking forward to reading your next book.


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