How do I get the new LinkedIn Profile page?

How to get the New LinkedIn Profile

Updated 2017

LinkedIn is rolling out a newly redesigned desktop experience. Currently, more than half their members have been converted to the new design. By the end of Q1 2017, all LinkedIn members will have the new design. Unfortunately, there is no way to request the new interface. Patience is key. The update can occur at any time. Many users have stated that they simply clicked on the LinkedIn home page and suddenly, in the middle of the day, were staring at the new design.

Leverage the New LinkedIn Interface

Curious what to expect? Not sure how to use the new LinkedIn design? Download my Visual Guide for LinkedIn’s new interface. This guide provides side by side comparisons so you can see what’s new, what’s missing and where you can find everything!

Learn how to use LinkedIn's NEW DESIGN

Revert Back to the Old LinkedIn

If you have the new design and want to revert back to the old LinkedIn interface, I recorded a video with step by step instructions. You can only go back temporarily to the old interface.

Original Text, published December 2012

Have you noticed that some LinkedIn profiles look different than other LinkedIn profiles? That’s because LinkedIn is slowly rolling out a totally different look to the LinkedIn profile page. This new design has a bolder, more streamlined look. I have received a slew of emails from people asking if in addition to our LinkedIn profile writing services, can we help them get the new profile. I wish I had the power to upgrade LinkedIn profiles to the new design myself… but I don’t. I do, however, know the secret way you can request the new LinkedIn profile. Keep reading to find out!

How to get the New LinkedIn Profile

How do I get the new look to my LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn is rolling the new LinkedIn profile out slowly. Some profiles have it, many do not. If you would like to have your LinkedIn profile converted to the new look, all you need to do is request it!

Patience is a virtue

It’s important to know that it takes time. Some profiles are converted to the new LinkedIn profile quickly while others take days or even weeks. You must have patience. I submitted my request for the new LinkedIn profile the very day (October 16, 2012) it was announced. My LinkedIn profile was upgraded to the new look just five days ago on November 28, 2012. That means I waited more than a month for the changes to take place to my LinkedIn profile.

There doesn’t appear to be a rhyme or reason to the timing. It happens when it happens.

I suggest sending in your request immediately. The new profile is absolutely worth the wait.

Benefits to the New LinkedIn Profile

The new LinkedIn profile offers much more than just a new look. Editing your profile has gotten much easier! The new LinkedIn profile offers inline profile editing. This means you can edit your LinkedIn profile in the same window you were already in. It’s also easier to add additional sections to your profile like Publications, Projects, Patents, Courses, Honors & Awards, Certifications, Organizations, and Volunteer Experiences & Causes. These additional LinkedIn profile sections were available on the old LinkedIn profile but it was hard to add them unless you make your living as a LinkedIn Profile Writer.

The new LinkedIn profile page also makes it easier to discover how you are connected to other people and it gives greater insight into their LinkedIn network. This new information is located on the profile page’s sidebar.

As the image above illustrates, you can see exactly how you are connected to a LinkedIn member. You can also get better insight into their network by company, location, schools, and industry. Lastly, you can also see what you have in common with the profile owner.

It’s absolutely worth requesting the new LinkedIn profile.

I am interested in hearing your feedback! Do you like the new LinkedIn profile? Did you have to wait long to get it? And as always, I am here to help you transform your dull, boring, unprofessional LinkedIn profile into a POWERFUL career tool that will get you noticed and help you collide you with incredible opportunity. Work with me today

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  1. Hello Donna thanks so much for the info I was wondering what was going on because I notice that some profiles were different but did not really know why. I sent in my request and I hope to see the new profile soon.

  2. Donna,
    If I could kindly ask you a question. My main profile page when I;m logged in reverted back to the OLD style profile. I have no idea how or why. do you have a solution. Many thanks

    1. Hi Michael!

      Are you sure you are logged in? The public profile for people not logged in to LinkedIn looks like the old layout but once you log in – it’s the new layout.

      If it really did convert back– I’ve never heard of that happening before. Did you access it on a different computer than usual? Perhaps it is pulling an old cache of it?

      I would recommend contacting LinkedIn Tech Support.

      Good luck!

      Let me know how it goes!


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