Stopping People From Viewing My 1st Degree LinkedIn Connections List

Viewing LinkedIn Connections List

Did you know that your 1st-degree LinkedIn connections CAN SEE your list of connections? Yes, a person you are directly connected to on LinkedIn can see all the people you are directly connected to on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Connections List Visibility

This shouldn’t be a frightening idea. You see, by allowing them to peruse your list of connections they can browse your network and find mutual friends and colleagues.

“But what happens if I mistakenly connect with a competitor or nemesis or TELEMARKETER!!! Does this mean they can go through and poach my list of connections?”

YEPPER DOODLES! It sure does!

So here’s a few things you can do:

1. Don’t connect with just your customers or trusted network… connect with more people. By having a large list of 1st degree connections, you cloak your true list.

2. Deal with it. I highly doubt anyone is going to go through and pilfer your list… most people would have no idea how to do it and if they did, I am sure your relationship with your clients is strong enough to withstand it.

3. TURN OFF YOUR CONNECTIONS LIST! Yes, you can actually turn it off so people can’t see your full list of 1st degree connections. With that said, your 1st-degree connections will always be able to see shared connections.

And by turning it off, you aren’t limiting yourself. You can still see other 1st degree connections lists as long as they aren’t hiding it.

How To Turn Off Your LinkedIn Connections List

1. Here’s how to turn off your LinkedIn Connections List: Click here to get whisked away to your LinkedIn Settings page.

2. Click on: Select who can see your connections

3. Select Only You from the droplist.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

And finally, one more thing. Are you wondering how to view the connections list of your 1st degree LinkedIn connections? Here ya go:

Viewing Your 1st Degree Connection’s List of 1st Degree Connections

1. Go to a connection’s profile

2. Click the number of their connections in the top section. This will take you to the Connections box on their profile.

3. From here you can click on:

  • All to see all visible connections.
  • New to see connections recently added to that person’s network.
  • Shared to see connections in common.
  • NEXT in the bottom right of the Connections box, to see the next page of results.

4. Want to SEARCH their list of connections? Click the magnifying glass icon to search their connections.

Have fun!!!!

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  1. Good article Donna. I agree with the philosophy of deliberate connecting to people you can help and who can help you and your network. Seldom do fools or spammers belong in this mix. Additionally, sharing your Connection list, despite a fool or spammer (or two) is of greater value than it is a risk.

    Thanks for the article(s)

  2. I must be missing something. When I go to my 1st Degree Connection and click on their # of connections, I get nothing. I can’t see any of their connections. I used to last year but not now. Do you have to pay for that?

    1. Debra – you are missing something. If you view one of your 1st level connection’s profile, click on the # of Connections in the box to the right of their profile picture, you should see their connections. You’ll see All – if they share their connections, Shared – for all of the connections that you do share, and New – Again, if they share their connections.

      If you can’t get this to work, check out and join some of our LinkedIn webinars.

      I hope this helps


  3. I find this really odd. I connect with people I know through work and don’t connect with people I don’t know. Some of my connections I’ve known for years and some of these have now hidden their list of 1st degree connections. So does that mean they don’t trust their own first degree connections not to abuse the shared information? Really, if you can’t trust your connections, then why connect with them? So either I prevent people I know seeing who I am connected to, which again, implies I think they cannot be trusted, or I share with people who won’t share with me. Really, I don’t like this.

  4. I hide my fist degree connections- it’s not a trust issue it’s a privacy issue. The person has asked to connect to me, not everyone I know. As some of my connections are customers it seems good manners not to share their information.
    Of course if I make an introduction (one connection to another) then that’s different, as I’ve asked permission first. If LinkedIn gave the option of making some people private and letting others be shared that would be soooo much easier!

    1. I understand what you are saying Nicolas. LinkedIn does allow members to control what non-connected members can see of their profile. This is managed by each user under Privacy & Settings. It’s not as extensive as many would like; however, it is pretty good. I decided that the value of helping others by making meaningful & relevant connections trumps letting foolish people see who I am connected with.

  5. Harinder Kohli says:

    Sometimes when i see linkedin profiles they show shared connections. For example lets say they show 8 shared connections connection.When i click the shared connections i only see 7 shared connections. This does not happens all times.In minor cases this happens.

    My question is why i see one less connection.

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