Video: Rev Up Your Job Search, Tips from an A-List Recruiter

Rev Up Your Job Search: Secrets from an A-List Recruiter

Watch the Webiner: Rev Up Your Job Search

The job search has radically changed over the last few years. Recruiters are used much more commonly and LinkedIn is the tool of choice for hiring managers, recruiters, and job seekers.

In this Webinar, I interview A-List Recruiter, Bill Fell and get him to divulge what people need to know to work successfully with a recruiter. You’ll see exactly how recruiters use Applicant Tracking Systems and LinkedIn AND what you can do to stand out.

How to work with a recruiter

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Job Search Tips from a Recruiter… here’s what we cover:

  • What technology should a job seeker use in their job search?
    • and are great tools for your job search
    • Network, talk to people, use your real world relationships to find an “IN” at a company
  • How do you use your Applicant Tracking System along with LinkedIn to find candidates?
  • How does a Jobseeker determine their keywords?
    • How will you distinguish yourself from your competition?
    • Find Job Descriptions that match your target job. Look for patterns!
  • What items on a LinkedIn profile would make you dismiss a candidate?
    • A clear profile picture that showcases you as a friendly, well-adjusted human being
  • What do you need to see in a profile to make you want to reach out and contact that person as a candidate?
    • Include at least your email address on your Summary and Advice for Contacting sections
    • Are AOL and Hotmail email addresses frowned upon?
    • Ditch the AOL and Hotmail email addresses and get a Gmail Account
  • What’s the best way to approach a recruiter on LinkedIn? And how often should I reach out?
    • Please excuse my professional persistence
    • It may take 6-8 calls
    • Send the recruiter a message every 3-6 weeks
    • Periodically send them an email or text message
    • Ask the recruiter how often contact you should contact him/her
    • Dont’ come across as desperate!
    • Act confidently!
    • Be Brief, Be Bright, Be Gone!
  • Should a jobseeker upgrade to LinkedIn’s premium Jobseeker account?
    • Contact Information and keywords are more important than upgrading!
  • How do Recruiters view the LinkedIn profile? Do they read the whole profile or only sections?
    • Endorsements aren’t important to Recruiters
  • How would you recommend positioning yourself on LinkedIn to attract a recruiter if you’re in a more creative field, like writing and communications?
    • Add work examples to your LinkedIn profile!
    • Pepper your profile with keywords so you can get found, add work examples… AND CONNECT!!!!
  • Your resume MUST contain: First & last name, phone #, email address, LinkedIn profile URL, and City, State, Zip
  • Don’t hyperlink – instead show the full URL to your LinkedIn profile Ex:
  • Be assertive & genuine, have a good profile photo, include your email address in your profile, include city, state, & zip on resume
  • Respond back when recruiters message you… be nice!

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1 Comment

  1. Risda Djambek says:

    Bill and Dona,

    Thank you very much it was a very good conversation regarding the job seeker need to fulfill in their CV. provided me with some useful insight, and made look at my own CV from a different angle. Again thank you very much.

    Risda Djambek
    Jakarta – Indonesia

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