Q&A: Should I upload my resume to my LinkedIn profile?

Should I upload my resume to my LinkedIn profile?

Should I upload my resume to my LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn-Q&AI often get questions from people regarding LinkedIn. When I feel the question is shared by others, I post it here on my blog for all to read.



Should my actual resume be linked to my LinkedIn profile?



Hi Jeff!

There are some “experts” who say that you should upload your resume to your LinkedIn profile.

I don’t agree.

You want your LinkedIn profile to be the hook that gets people to request your resume. That way, you have control and can determine who gets to see it. Your resume contains your complete career trajectory and you don’t want just anyone able to download it. There are nefarious people out there looking to steal identities and such.

Recruiters love it when a resume is attached to your profile– this way they can read it without ever contacting you and they can immediately dismiss you without ever talking to you. You want recruiters and hiring managers and HR people to contact you so you can show them you are a real person– you can ask questions and make a great impression while engaging in human contact.

However, if you do decide to upload your resume to your LinkedIn profile, consider removing your home address and any other confidential information you aren’t comfortable sharing with the whole wide world.

How to upload your resume to your LinkedIn profile

Although we don’t recommend doing this, here’s how:

1. Get into your LinkedIn profile. (Profile > Edit Profile)

2. Move your cursor over the section you want to add your resume and click the Add Media icon in the upper right-hand corner. I suggest your summary section or your most current experience.

3. Select Upload a file if you’d like to display your resume on your profile OR type in a website to link to your resume if it exists on another site.

4. If you chose to upload your resume, select the file from your desktop. A picture of your content will display with pre-filled Title and Description fields.

5. Click Save. An update may appear on the homepages of your network, letting others know you added a media file or link.

And there you have it! Uploading your resume to your LinkedIn profile is a cinch but you really must think long and hard as to whether you want this information public.


Uploading your resume?

Dear reader, what do you think? Do you have your resume uploaded to your LinkedIn profile? If so, tell me in the comments, just scroll down!

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  1. KathyAnn Krajcik says:

    Donna, I do. I want to have as much out there as I possibly can. I am unemployed since October, and I’m finding it VERY difficult to land an opportunity this time. I want to be as transparent and forthcoming as possible.

  2. Donna, great post. I work at a resume optimization company and one of the biggest things we always stress to client is the important of selecting the right keywords to avoid superfluous self-talk and create the clarity you need to demonstrate how you can benefit a potential employer.

  3. I like your response, Donna. Also, if your LinkedIn profile is set up well, then it is your resume and can be printed without additional formatting.

  4. I quite agree about not posting your CV on linkedin – why would you want your current employers knowing you were looking for another direction?

    In fact I had an epiphany that I hope gets me my ideal job – I created a CV webpage (sorry, Resume – i’m British!). I deliberately used words which “experts” say you shouldn’t, and I deliberately used an approach that was uniquely me. Without that how would I match with the correct employee and job?

    Linkedin is simply a means for people to sell to you. I put a request up for like minded people to give me advice as an end user for instance recently, and I got people linking resellers to the post. I was inundated with phone calls and emails for weeks trying to sell me a solution. I see you love linkedin, I personally haven’t found that level of appreciation yet!

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