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If you’ve been to this Website before, you may notice the Website looks massively different. I started this business in 2009. Back then, I did everything myself. I processed orders, optimized LinkedIn profiles, project managed, took out the garbage, and so much more. In fact, I’m proud to say I even designed the Website for this little internet outpost. Over the years, there were many changes to the design that I did myself. But during the pandemic, a time of reflection, I decided I needed to make an investment. I hired an agency to completely change the look and feel of our site.

How it Once Looked

Before we talk about that decision and process, let’s take a stroll down memory lane. Here is the very first design for

This design debuted in 2009 but only lasted a few short months. I recall a conversation I had with a friend of mine. He said, “Donna, this design is fun but it’s not professional and your audience is executives.” He was absolutely right. I started over:

This new design was professional but it was also boring. I continued to work on it. Eventually I came upon this look:

This is how the page looked more or less for about 9 years!

Change Creeps Up On You

Each year I would look at it and think, I really need to make changes. The thought was overwhelming and the Website was comfortable to me. Every day I received compliments about the Website that it seemed almost unnecessary. But little by little, with each year, life changed, expectations changed, and responsibilities changed. Before I knew it, the Website was outdated and didn’t reflect who we are as a company.

The changes from where I started to where we are now are pretty significant. This isn’t a business I do by myself anymore. I have a team of people who work alongside me. We don’t just do LinkedIn profile writing anymore but instead we help people with the full gamut of career branding and we work with companies that need to brand their employees on LinkedIn in a cohesive, unified way.

It’s funny how every day, I tell people that their own branding is out of date and no longer reflective of who they are as a professional. Somehow I had fallen into the same trap and allowed our Website to become out of date.

Something must be done.

Taking Action To Update Our Brand

Even though we sometimes design Websites for clients, I couldn’t design MINE. When you sit so close to your story, it’s hard to see it clearly. I reached out to a wonderful company called, UPQODE. The Account Manager, Max made it very easy to work with them, and together, as a team, we rebranded the Website, not just as but with our company’s name, Vision Board Media, LLC, to showcase our full capability beyond just the LinkedIn platform. UPQODE offers a professional web maintenance service. It’s important to know when something is outside of your capabilities and that it’s okay to turn to professionals who can help.

Talk about a transformation:

Looking at this new Website, I am filled with pride. This design is so much more of who we are today and the direction we are moving in. I welcome you to look around! If you haven’t already, check out our About sections since it’s a great way to really get to know us:

It’s easy to allow your brand to languish and age. We are here for you if it’s time to get your career branding focused on your future. If you have any questions, you’ll see my phone number is all over the Website. I take your branding very seriously and am always just a phone call away to discuss how we can help you.

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