Phone Troubles & Getting Help Using LinkedIn

Phone Issues

Here at Board Media LLC, we had a couple of crazy days. Between July 28th and August 5th, our phone lines went down. Our telephone provider decided to port all our numbers away from our account, for no reason at all.

If you called during that period of time, I am so sorry that you weren’t able to get through. Customer service is important to us as a company and I have worked hard to make it easy to get me or one of my team on the phone for a conversation.

Believe it or not, it actually took me a couple of days to even notice something was wrong. Most people who want to talk to me schedule time on my calendar and when the meeting time arrives, I call them. Our outbound calling worked just fine. It was only people who tried to call us that received issues. Understandably, I rarely call my office line. Eventually, I noticed that I wasn’t getting any calls at all and I called my phone company to figure out what was happening.

Suffice to say, we are back up and functioning. However, getting our phone lines back up and working wasn’t easy. When I called, the support tech told me that he would open a case and I would hear back from them within 24-48 hours. Even if you aren’t a business owner or entrepreneur, you know that this type of turnaround time for a desperate situation isn’t going to cut it.

Finding Help On LinkedIn

I took a deep breath and decided that I needed to get the right person involved. So I went to LinkedIn. People forget that LinkedIn is more than just a Social Networking site. LinkedIn is a database of professionals for professionals. In fact, LinkedIn Pages for companies are chock full of amazing information. Here are the steps I used to get to the right person who could help me solve my desperate situation.

Finding the Right Person on LinkedIn

In the search bar at the top of the LinkedIn Home page, I typed in the name of my telephone provider and selected their LinkedIn page from the droplist.

Once at the LinkedIn Page for their company, I clicked on the People tab. The People tab is a list of all the people on LinkedIn who have selected that company as their current company on their LinkedIn profile.

In the employee search box, I typed: Support

I then scrolled through the search results. I wanted to find a person with the title of Director or Senior Manager. Once I located a person that met my criteria, I looked at their LinkedIn Profile. Because I was going to reach out and request assistance, I wanted to make sure that person is active on LinkedIn. This way they would immediately see my message and hopefully, spring into action.

Determining if the Person is Active on LinkedIn

You don’t have to scroll far to determine if a person is active on LinkedIn. Check out the number of connections, if it’s 500+, that’s a good sign they use LinkedIn with some frequency. If they recorded their name pronunciation or included a Featured section are also signals that they are a more serious user of LinkedIn. The best way to determine if a person is an active LinkedIn user is to check out their Activity section. Are they leaving comments, liking, or even creating their own posts? If you see activity listed, BINGO!

When you find the right person, it’s okay to do a little happy dance. Once that’s out of your system, now you have to figure out the best way to engage.

Reaching Out on LinkedIn

Luckily, I am a Sales Navigator premium user so I was able to utilize an InMail. If you are a freemium user of LinkedIn, your options are potentially more limited if the person isn’t directly connected to you. First, check to see if the person has a Message button on their profile. You may get lucky and the person is a premium user with Open Profile turned on. If that isn’t the case, you can send the person an invitation to connect with a personalized message mentioning your great need for customer service. Another option is to email the person either by grabbing their email address from their profile if provided OR by guessing their email since you have their first and last name.

Results that Might Surprise You

I messaged two employees via InMail and explained my issue and asked if they might help me. Even though I messaged after normal business hours both responded within minutes. By the very next day, my issues were resolved. It would have been easy for me to just wait. But I knew that I had the ability to get help and my tool to get it done was LinkedIn. I truly do believe that most people want to help you. Sometimes, you just have to ask for help using a backdoor approach.

I hope this article not only explained why my phones weren’t working but also empowers you to move outside the regular business channels when necessary to get the help you need.

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