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LinkedIn Makeover

What I’m doing now

I’m living in Delran, New Jersey. I spend all my time on these things: (in no particular order)

  • being a good partner to my husband and a loving mom to two little boys and stepmom to two girls
  • answering the phone so I can talk to (and help) those who are interested in branding themselves and telling their authentic, professional story
  • answering emails that ask my advice or ask questions regarding our services
  • running LinkedIn-Makeover.com and making sure everyone is happy: clients AND writers
  • looking for new writers to bring on as Branding Specialists / LinkedIn Profile Writers
  • writing articles and ebooks on the subject of LinkedIn, job search, networking, and professional branding
  • presenting on the subjects of LinkedIn and professional branding to groups, associations, & companies
  • doing what I can to expand my mind and experiences to become my best self so I can experience personal success and help others
  • watching a ton of Thomas & Friends and PAW Patrol

If my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page. Last update was October 2017.

This page was created after reading Derek Sivers’ post, The /now page movement. My father introduced me to him years ago by forwarding me the link to this post. I’ve been hooked on his blog ever since… definitely check him out.