B2B Executive Blogging

Good content can transform your business from customer conversion to brand ambassadors.

Professionals looking to achieve strategic goals by creating long form content (thought leadership blog posts, articles, how-tos) need the right stage that their audience is sitting in front of.

However it’s often difficult finding that stage. Consumers, though voracious for good content, are spread around many different venues and really it’s up to you to find the right one to perform at.

The Stages

From websites, print and digital newspapers, periodicals, to social media, all platforms have different strengths, weaknesses, formats, reaches, and audiences. Not all are equal. Some have a higher entry of bar than others. And others are so overcrowded, it’s like open mic night in the middle of a hurricane.


Your website (company or personal) can often be the best place to blog from. With fantastic of blogging software like WordPress (and others), the ability to configure your HTML, themes, and site to custom specs, and unlimited space to create on, your website can be the perfect stage to perform on.

However, you might not have an audience. Instead of quoting Shakespeare into a hurricane, you’re in the middle of the dessert.

Blogging on your website only works when you drive traffic to the site.

Newspapers and periodicals (print and digital)

In the world of the cluttered and massive internet, people have found that they still like news, articles, editorials, and other content to be delivered bound together under specific category like locality (New York Times), industry (The Financial Times) or interest (Entrepreneur magazine). From glossy magazines, printed newspapers, to digital platforms like the Huffington Post, print has evolved.

The bar for entrance can be very high with different publications. Editors are looking for sharp content written with a sharp style. However, these publications could boost your visibility and start momentum on building a following.

Social Media

Over the years, as social media networks have matured and new ones appeared, those that developed an understanding of the type of content they were delivering are the ones that have prospered. What, really, did MySpace deliver?

    • Facebook delivers content from people you know. Works best with images and video (especially of cats, babies, or kittens).
    • Twitter delivers timely, short thoughts from people you follow. Best when it is reactionary and inciting.
    • LinkedIn delivers content with people you connect with. Content was usually updates, shares, and Group posts.

There are other platforms like Medium, Instagram, Vine, Reddit, and more for you to discover. On many of these, audiences are looking for creators to engage with.

A B2B Publishing Platform

LinkedIn, smartly, realized that there was more potential for content than just updates and shares. As a network of professionals with different backgrounds and expertise, a blogging platform that allowed users to showcase their talents, thoughts, and expertise would be very valuable.

Over the past couple of years, Linked created a publishing tool that allowed professionals to create long-form blogging content. With a platform accessible to 230 Million members in all English-speaking countries, the potential for this tool to grow a network and accomplish strategic goals is amazing.