Benchmark Workbook

You’ve put a lot of time into improving your profile. Now you want to see if the effort was worthwhile and is bringing enhanced results. The thing is, in order to determine success; you need to know where you started.

LinkedIn provides statistics that show you how well your profile is performing. Click here to visit your profile stats page.

You get to see enhanced stats that log the past 90 days of total views and if you are a premium user, you also get to see the individual viewers of your profile over the past 90 days.

Although LinkedIn tracks your progress for you, the graph is a rolling 90 days so you can only go back 90 days but not any further. Also, the graph does not track the most important information statistic, network total.

To truly benchmark your success, you must look past 90 days, and for that reason, I suggest going old school — yes, track your progress with a good ol’ pen and paper.

The more you use LinkedIn, the better your profile will perform. You should see the number of views grow as your network and activity level grow.

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