How to Create Bullets in LinkedIn

How to Create Bullets LinkedIn

Would you like to create bullets in your LinkedIn profile? Within LinkedIn, there is no magic bullet button that allows you to create a bulleted list, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I’m going to let you in on a secret… there are two ways to get bullets in your LinkedIn profile.

The one approach people take is to create a bulleted list in Microsoft Word, copy it, and paste it into LinkedIn.

The other, much easier way is to copy the bullets and paste them into your profile manually.

LinkedIn Bullets

Here are a slew of bullets you can use directly in LinkedIn… just copy and paste them into your LinkedIn profile!
[one_half]? LinkedIn Bullet
? LinkedIn Bullet
? LinkedIn Bullet
? LinkedIn Bullet
? LinkedIn Bullet
? LinkedIn Bullet
? LinkedIn Bullet
? LinkedIn Bullet
? LinkedIn Bullet
? LinkedIn Bullet

? LinkedIn Bullet
? LinkedIn Bullet
? LinkedIn Bullet
? LinkedIn Bullet
? LinkedIn Bullet
? LinkedIn Bullet
? LinkedIn Bullet
? LinkedIn Bullet
? LinkedIn Bullet
? LinkedIn Bullet

Voil?! LinkedIn Bullets!

More LinkedIn Bullet Uses

Here’s another tip…. LinkedIn bullets don’t have to be used just for lists… you can them for emphasis too! For instance, add them around your phone number in your call to action at the end of your summary:

I’d love to share with you some of the insights I’ve gleaned from managing and measuring the effectiveness of Websites over the last 10 years.

Let’s talk! ? (555) 666-7777

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  1. Hello Donna,

    I was pleased to read and listen to your tips on inserting bullets into a LinkedIn Profile. Great stuff.

    I have a question for you: When I copied and pasted from MS Word, it was garbled; however, when I copied and pasted bullets from your profile, the process worked. Why didn’t it work directly from MS Word. I am on PC, not Mac.

    Thanks, and appreciate your blog posts.


  2. Love it!

    This new discovery has unshackled me from the boring text-only capabilities of Linkedin. Without tools for bold, italics, or even lists, Linkedin offers little to stand out, let alone make an aesthetically pleasing profile.

    @Daisy – the seemingly simple process of cut-n-paste is not necessarily as easy to implement (from a technology perspective) as it may seem. Cut-n-paste between apps means it’s stored by Mac/Windows on “the clipboard.” Each system has different mechanisms for storing things which sometimes causes losses in the process. But when cut-n-pasting between a webpage to Gmail, for instance, you’ll usually find no loss since it’s browser windows to browser window copying, rather than application to application.

  3. Bullet points that actually work! thanks for this, LindedIn’s own advice on bullet points doesn’t actually work and displays unicode on the mobile app. These work perfectly on mobile and web. Thanks.

  4. Hello Donna,
    Thanks for all the helpful information! I would like to format my LinkedIn page to have the paragraph to line up behind the bullet point. Is that possible? I attached a LinkedIn page that did just that and I was hoping to find out how it is done. Please review this page:


    1. What you’ve attached Ron is a formatted Job listing and it’s different than your LinkedIn profile. You can try to align the bullets using spaces, but I am not sure it’s possible.

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