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LinkedIn came out with new functionality called LinkedIn Endorsements. It builds upon the pre-existing Skills and Expertise section of the LinkedIn Profile.

This is new funtionality that you should not ignore specifically because I believe it will eventually impact the SEO of your LinkedIn profile.

Watch this video where I explain the new functionality and take you through it step by step. You will learn how LinkedIn Endorsements will potentially impact the SEO of your LinkedIn profile, how to endorse your first degree LinkedIn Connections and how to manage endorsements from other people. I will also show you how to remove people who endorsed you and how to remove endorsed skills from your profile.

LinkedIn Endorsements

Transcription of Video Intro (up to 2:42)

I wanted to talk to you today about a very new feature LinkedIn just added, it’s called Linkedin Endorsements.

LinkedIn endorsements builds upon a pre-existing section on your LinkedIn profile called Skills and Expertise. Within the Skills and Expertise section of LinkedIn, you are able to choose up to 50 keywords. These keywords reflect who you are and the benefit you add to an organization.

With the new endorsements functionality, LinkedIn is now enabling your network, your first degree network, to endorse those skill sets and expertise that you’stated on your profile. And so a person will visit your profile, someone who is directly connected to you, and they will see a list of all of these keywords.

They can then endorse you. So rather than writing out a really long drawn out recommendation for you, instead, they can now click on a number of keywords, keywords they believe define you as a professional.

Where I believe this new functionality is really going to come into play is in the search engine optimization realm of LInkedIn.

You see, a lot of times people are NOT just searching for names but rather they are searching based upon keywords. They want to see people and profiles that match those keywords.

Right now, the way LinkedIn’s search engine ranking works is mainly upon keyword repetition. That is keyword stuffing or keyword density. Now, by having your peers and network rank you, endorse you with keywords, LinkedIn is… (Now they haven’t stated this officially but what I believe what they are doing) is by having your network endorse you with keywords, they are ensuring much more relevant search results. Right now it’s just how many times those keywords are repeated in a person’s profile. By making sure you’re being endorsed, and those keywords reflect who you are and what you do, LinkedIn can make sure there is much more authority and relevancy with their search engine results.

I’ve been playing with this new functionality for a couple days now and I want to take you through the LinkedIn Endorsements and show you how to better leverage it for your own success.

I hope you enjoyed this video walk through of LinkedIn’s new Endorsement functionality. Please let me know what you think in the comments of this post.

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  1. Thanks for the info regarding this new feature. When I went to endorse a colleague, I clicked the Endorse button in the top. Only 5 of their 10 skills were listed. Once I did that, and skipped past the other recommended people to endorse, I had to scroll to the bottom of their profile and actually click the skill for which I was submitting my endorsement. I did not see you do that in the video. Did that functionality just change? Thanks!

  2. Donna, very helpful video! LinkedIn introduced a great feature and I love it, but they are rolling out this feature to some users everyday, and still I don’t have this feature! Thank you for taking the time make great video!
    I can also help you include “Title, Captions and Lower Third” into your future videos if you like.

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