Love on LinkedIn, the Tale of a LinkedIn Matchmaker

Love on LinkedIn

Love on LinkedInJust recently I was sent a link to a lovely article about two professionals who reconnected on LinkedIn, found love, and decided to marry. LinkedIn offers the chance at so many opportunities but we forget that love can be one of them.

The couple in the San Francisco Chronicle article found love after rediscovering each other through LinkedIn’s People You May Know feature.

Shirley Buckeridge didn’t even like LinkedIn. As the director of infrastructure integration at CIBC bank in Canada, her busy schedule left little time for additional social networking. At a friend’s insistence, she finally relented and created an account. On her screen, under the heading People You Might Know, was Cecil Newton, vice president at Charles Schwab in San Francisco.

This isn’t the first time that love bloomed via LinkedIn.

Back in 2009, when I decided the world needed a LinkedIn profile writer, I thought of it simply as a way to help people save time. The more clients that came my way and the more people I helped, I slowly began to realize that there was a lot more going on then simply writing a LinkedIn profile.

The LinkedIn profile was just a small part of a much larger experience. I was actually helping people figure out their future. Together we were determining and documenting their professional brand. And once optimized, people were experiencing a transformation that led them to much greater opportunities. It became a daily occurrence to hear from a client who finally switched industries, got that promotion, found a job, made a connection, got a sale, started a consultancy, received an opportunity, etc…

Just Call me a LinkedIn Matchmaker, Love!

Just call me a LinkedIn Matchmaker, love!It was just the other day that I got news from a client that something even greater than a promotion or sale occurred.

Back, just 5 months ago, I invited Dana, a local client, to attend one of my LinkedIn presentations. The room was full of people and once the presentation finished, I asked the audience, in the spirit of LinkedIn and forging connections, to join me in the lobby for some in-person networking. It was there that I introduced Dana to Will, a fellow I had met earlier that day. They spent the rest of the evening talking to each other and laughing. They exchanged business cards and connected on LinkedIn.

The networking that occurred that day between them was successful because on New Year’s Eve, Will proposed to Dana and she said yes.

Knowing I help people achieve their dreams is gratifying but to know that I helped two people find love… let’s just say it leaves me feeling absolutely effervescent.

Dana… Will… I am beyond thrilled for both of you and wish you the very best! Good luck!

Have you found love on LinkedIn? I’d love to hear about it! How about the oddest opportunity that came your way on LinkedIn? I’d like to hear about that too! Scroll down for the comment section to add your message!

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  1. Hi, Donna

    Feeling grateful to find your services and expertise. I am in need of your help. I believe am missing the marks in my job search going on more than 36 months. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. look forward to hearing from you.


    Connie Woodson

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