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Donna Lere

Donna Lere talks about your LinkedIn Profile PictureIn my quest to help people brand themselves professionally and leverage LinkedIn, I reached out to my friend, Donna Lere. Donna Lere is one of the most sought after professional photographers on the East Coast. Together we teamed up to offer a FREE online Webcast where we revealed effective strategies to taking an impressive headshot for use as your LinkedIn profile picture.

Watch as Donna Lere, Professional Photographer, and me, Donna Serdula, LinkedIn Profile Optimizer & Executive Branding Coach, reveal their strategies to an effective, impressive, and professional LinkedIn Profile Photo.

LinkedIn Profile Picture Webcast

Profile Picture Tips!

You’ll learn how to find the right photographer and what it takes to get the ideal professional headshot.

Who cares whether you aren’t a supermodel! Donna Lere will provide you with tips and tricks to finding a professional photographer who can make you look good AND insider’s secrets on posing to make the most of what you have.

Your LinkedIn profile picture is more often than not people’s first impression of you. It’s imperative that you look good! Watch this Webcast and learn how!

Get your burning questions ANSWERED! Find out exactly what you need to know to make a successful digital impression.

Notes and my one-sided script:

? “About Me” is the most clicked on section of a website. A professionally taken headshot will go a long way toward engaging people with your brand.
? Be ready to pay $150+ for a great shot, don’t opt for Sears or Walmart
? Update your headshot at LEAST every 3 years.
? Achieve a modern look with a lighter (white to light grey) background a pop of primary color wardrobe
? Bring 3 or 4 changes of wardrobe– even a man can do sportscoat on, off with just the color, tie on, tie off
? Don’t show too much skin. You want to highlight your face/eyes.
? Black & White? It’s alright! A great black & white professional headshot does just as well as color in helping you stand out.
? Posing—a full frontal head-on shot can read like a mugshot. You want to be slightly turned, one shoulder lower than the other, neck stretched a little forward. A good professional photographer will direct you this way.
? Expect the first 15 shots to be unusable. It’s not Top Model! You need a little time to shake the nerves off.
? Look happy and approachable. Practice making incremental movement after every camera pop. This will get you slightly different angles and help your face and body to relax.
? Facial hair? Ladies, no. Guys, sure—just keep it neat, or bring a razor and shave halfway through for a different look (just clear the plan with the photographer first).

As a LinkedIn Profile Writer and a person who specializes in Executive Branding, I see A LOT of professional headshots… and I am constantly amazed at how bad these headshots are — even the one’s that are truly professional and not just taken with a personal digital camera… they are terrible!

Your LinkedIn Profile Picture MUST showcase you in a professional manner. This is you! It’s how people perceive you and you can’t let this opportunity pass you by!
It’s not enough to simply have a profile picture– you need a professionally taken profile picture that shows you in the best light!

I am so happy to introduce you all to Donna Lere – Donna Lere is a friend of mine — she is a world-renowned photographer with many credits to her name. Let’s get started!

1. Donna, how long have you been a photographer and how did you get started down this path?

2. Why does a person need a professionally taken headshot?

3. What are some dos and don’ts when it comes to selecting a Headshot?

4. How does a person go about finding a photographer?
And what about those people who think, “My cousin Bobby has a DSLR camera… he can do a great job!”

5. So you’ve found a photographer — how do you know he or she is the right photographer for your needs… what questions should you ask?

6. What is the average price of a good photographer– what can you expect to pay?

7. What does a person wear to a photography session? How much skin is too much skin? Is facial hair a good idea?

8. Let’s talk backgrounds! I say White, black, nothing that’s distinctive because we want the professional to be the focus of the shot. What’s new? What’s considered old fashion looking or out dated?

9. I often tell clients to go to the studio– don’t have the photographer come to your office, don’t do it outside… have the session done in a studio with good lighting. I also tell clients that the photographer shouldn’t be at any extreme angle to you– their camera should be close to eye level- you don’t want the camera too high or too low. I also say if the photographer tells you to sit on a stool and put your elbow on your knee and your chin in your fist– RUN!!!!

Describe to me a successful photography session.

Any suggestions on poses? Is standing better than sitting? How about smiling?

11. How do you judge a good photo?

12. Let’s talk about AIRBRUSHING! Airbrushing can be awesome when used minimally. It can make a person look more refreshed and happy — but the problem I see it too much airbrushing– it renders a man looking too much like a woman or it renders a woman looking like she’s having a glamor shot taken.

13. I say use airbrushing to even out complexions but don’t erase the crow’s feet! What do you say?

14. Donna, you are a world renown photographer and people come from all over the country to have you take their photograph… how can a person reach out to you?

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