The Story Behind Our New Logo

Story Behind our new logo

It was over a decade ago that I started my own business. My initial vision wasn’t entirely clear. I knew I wanted to help people create strategic, high-level LinkedIn profiles but I also wanted to design Websites and Social Media experiences.

I registered the domain name, mainly because seemed coldly clinical to me. Next, I went to LegalZoom and created an LLC named… DonnaTechDesigns.

What was I thinking?

I was thinking small. At that time, I had no idea that the business would grow and expand to something much bigger than just me.

Thinking Bigger

A few years later, I hired a business coach and he told me that I needed to rename my business. He had the perfect name: GOLDEN LIZARD!

Why Golden Lizard?

He said his vision was me walking into a networking meeting wearing a big golden lizard brooch.

That night, as I giggled at the silly thought of Golden Lizard and how it had absolutely nothing to do with MY VISION or MY MISSION, I gazed up at my vision board and it hit me… Vision Board Media. That was my company’s name!

My Vision Board, AUGUST 4, 2012

It made sense and felt right. A vision board attracts the future you desire. For our clients, we are that tool to help them attract a new future. There is also a play on words with the word board meaning a group of people, like a “Board of Directors.” We are a group that positions and leads individuals to success.

The first logo was simple and created quickly with little thought. I think the spec doc I gave the designer had one word, “BOLD.” The logo worked at the time but it didn’t capture any meaning or brand story.

Our old logo
The old logo

20/20 Vision

Fast forward to the year 2020 and I realized it was time for the cobbler to start caring about her shoes. Funny how that works. I spend my days strategizing and consulting with individuals and companies about their brand and I ignored my own.

20/20 represents the perfect vision and now it is time to focus on Vision Board Media.

I set out to develop a logo that truly symbolizes and represents the value we provide to our clients. This time, the spec doc was much more thoughtfully constructed. Regardless, the Graphic Designer sent me back a slew of logos containing eyes… it looked like logos for an Optometrist. Back and forth we went. I kept repeating, “transformation– I want the logo to showcase transformation.” It took many iterations and the work of a different Graphic Designer to refine and perfect it but we finally came upon a logo that worked. When I saw it, I immediately knew it was perfect:

Our new logo

Looking at the image, it symbolizes so much to me:

  • spotlight  showing how we help people step into the spotlight and embrace their strengths and let them shine.
  • A sun — rising on a new day, a new chapter… a new life. After working with us, our clients embark upon something different for themselves.
  • Transformation — Like the red squares changing to gray lines, expanding outward, growing bigger, our clients emerge out of the boxes they are stuck in, aligning to a bigger, better future.
  • A network of people — standing together in solidarity to help and support each other. Your network is your net worth. It’s important to have partners invested in you.

The Future & Beyond

Seeing this new logo, I am excited about the future. Right now, as I am writing this blog, my family and I are practicing social distancing because we are in the second week of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s an unprecedented time and I know many people are scared.

Over the last decade, working with over 6,000 professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and companies, I know one thing — people are resilient. It’s a tough time right now but all things pass. A new chapter is unfolding and I am excited to see what it holds.

We remain here to help you refine, craft, develop, and articulate your brand and professional story.

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