LinkedIn’s New Look?

LinkedIn new design

I just accessed a client’s account to update his LinkedIn profile and I was surprised to find a totally different look to LinkedIn. Gone is the white background. In it’s place is a gray speckled background. The navigation bar is black in color and spans the full width of the screen.

It almost looks like LinkedIn may be in the midst of even more changes since some pages still have the old design like the edit profile sections. The LinkedIn profile still looks pretty much the same except for the new navigation bar. Although the navigation bar looks different, the pages are still in the same order.

A New Design for LinkedIn?

LinkedIn's New Look, Design, Interface

These changes aren’t rolled out entirely since my profile still has the old look. A few months back I stumbled upon a totally different look to the LinkedIn profile I was optimizing. I mistakenly clicked away and when I went back, the old profile design was back. So who knows! This may disappear just as fast as it arrived.

Do you have the new LinkedIn design? What do you think of this new look? Do you like it? Hate it? What would you like to see?

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  1. Yeah, the new design really looks pretty cool. Waiting for an account update. Not too impressed with that black menu though. However need to check how that looks when tried 🙂

  2. The change looks like a re-skinning at first take. I wonder how much is changing behind the facade. I would like to see a better visual presentation in the profiles.

    On my account I’m seeing only the changes in my profile stats page so far. There are message and connect buttons next to the list of viewers.

    1. Hi Nick!

      I too am wondering what more is behind the changes. Because the navigation bar is unchanged, it does look mainly to be a new “skin.” I also see the message and connect buttons on the Profile Stats page… it’s nice to see LinkedIn finally beginning to push the need for connecting.

  3. Wayne Pryor says:

    The change doesn’t seem to have made it’s way down under to Australia yet.

    It’s about time that LinkedIn was updated, it’s a bit like using the early days of the internet in part with regards to the layout and the function ability of there lack of it at times.

    I could fill a page with what I think needs to be done to LinkedIn to bring it into this century and up to speed with other social networks.

    Wayne Pryor.

  4. These changes are really good and was needed at a moment. As Twitter and other Social Media has come up with some changes in their designs, these changes of LinkedIn will definitely going to be successful as it looks more attractive than before.

    I went through an official blog of LinkedIn that shows these changes will be appear to all users in next couple of weeks. I didn’t received these new look of LinkedIn, but ya.. waiting for the best..


  5. Still have not seen the new look feel in my profile! But obviously will get down here in Australia to all users soon!
    It also poses a problem with the increasing the size of images in feed as it makes smaller image look pixelated!

    1. Wayne Pryor says:

      Apart from a skinover and the larger images on the front page I can’t see any difference at all.

      I think LinkedIn have missed the big opportunity to rebuild LinkedIn from the ground up and get it up to today’s standard for professional internet forums.

      There is so much that they could have done but they haven’t done any of it, it’s sort of like well all they hype about LinkedIn being upgraded was just that Hype unless someone can tell me or show me otherwise.

      Plenty of user posted up and added to the LinkedIn wish list but from what I can tell NONE of us got any of our wishes granted by LinkedIn I just can’t understand it, it’s like LinkedIn are just thumbing their noses at the users and the rest of the internet community saying well if you don’t like what we offer then don’t use it.

      Don’t get me wrong LinkedIn is good it’s just old and out of date and considering what they charge the premium users for which I am one it’s fair to say that they could give a bit better.

      Maybe that could be a marketing tool for them pay as a premium user and receive the ability to do this and have that but no LinkedIn have missed the boat on that one.

      Don’t worry Ian you are not missing anything at all.

      Wayne Pryor

  6. Lalit Varshney says:

    I am from India. I can’t get this new look in my profile and couldn’t find any way to get that black and grey outlook. Please tell me how can I get this new look.

    Many many thanks

    1. Hi Lalit! You have two options. 1. You can wait for LinkedIn to get around to updating your interface and profile OR 2. You can reach out to LinkedIn’s tech support and ask them to update you. They may or may not oblige.

      I have not heard of anyway that you can force these changes on your own.

  7. Prathmesh Shah says:

    A totally non-functional and feature-restricted UI, just to boost the sale of LinkedIN’s suite of paid services!
    Not at all expected strategy from somebody like linkedIN!

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