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LinkedIn & Recruiter Webcast

LinkedIn & Recruiter Webcast The job search has radically changed over the last few years. Recruiters are being used more commonly and LinkedIn is the tool of choice for hiring managers, recruiters and job seekers.

During my LinkedIn presentations and consultations with clients, I am often asked questions about optimally utilizing LinkedIn for job search and how to best interact with recruiters.

Clearly, people have questions and they need assistance!

Webcast for the Job Seeker

International Man of Mystery, Bill Fell is a Medical Recruiter and Career CoachIn my quest to help people brand themselves professionally and leverage LinkedIn, I reached out to my friend, Bill Fell. Bill Fell is a recruiter and career coach based in Philadelphia. Together we teamed up to offer a FREE online Webcast where we revealed effective strategies to working with recruiters and leveraging LinkedIn for a successful job search.


Transcription of my side of the conversation!

Hello, my name is Donna Serdula, I am the author of the book LinkedIn Makeover: Professional Secrets to a POWERFUL LinkedIn profile. Joining me today is Bill Fell. Bill Fell is a highly sought after Medical Recruiter and Rapid Results Career Coach. I’ve known Bill for years now and am super happy to have him join me on this LIVE broadcast. Over the next 30 minutes, Bill and I are going to share with you our effective job search strategies.

The job search process has changed radically over the last few years and I often hear from people who know that recruiters are a great way to intersect with job opportunities but they simply don’t know how to connect or work with a recruiter in a successful way. Bill and I are here to help you better understand what you need to know to effectively leverage LinkedIn and recruiters in your job search.

So Bill, tell me, how did you get involved in recruiting?

Right off the bat, let me ask you.. What technology should a jobseeker be using if they are serious about finding a job?

How do you use LinkedIn, Bill – as a recruiter? A company contracts with you to find a candidate.. .they provide you with a job description, what do you do?

As you move through search results… how important is the profile picture and headline? Do you find that those that have smart, professionally taken profile pictures and headlines that stand out catch your eye?

What are some things you suggest to make sure a profile ranks highly in search?

Do you have any suggestions for job seekers to determine their keywords? So many people tend to think keywords are: Dynamic, problem solver or professional.

When you review a LinkedIn profile, what items would make you dismiss them as a candidate? What mistakes do you see that are a real turn off to a recruiter?

How can a job seeker best utilize LinkedIn to their advantage during their job search?

Talking about contact info– they should make sure their LinkedIn profile contains their phone and email – not just in the contact info section because that’s only seen by 1st degree connections… but also in the summary– in fact, you have said to me that you like to see it high up in the summary so it’s not to be missed. Where else should they put their contact information?

As you know, I am a big proponent for upgrading to a LinkedIn premium account. I often advise my clients to upgrade to LinkedIn’s Personal Plus account which is a hidden, discounted premium account. LinkedIn does have premium accounts specifically for Job Seekers. These accounts range in price from 30 to 50 dollars a month. This is quite an expense for a job seeker on a budget… do you recommend that they upgrade to a Job Seeker account? Is it worth it?

So let’s say you are looking for a candidate— if a job seeker sees you looked at their profile, what should they do? How do they play nice with you? Should they contact you? Connect with you?

What other big mistakes do job seekers make when interacting with a recruiter? I often say that the biggest mistake I see is that the job seeker thinks the recruiter is their friend and wants to help them find their dream job. In fact, the recruiter has a job to do and he/she is working for a commission. So with that said, what are some other mistakes job seekers make when working with a recruiter?

If the job seeker is already unemployed, how should they broach that topic on their profile? Should they NOT have a current position or are they better adding a current position that states they are looking for “their next opportunity to positively impact a new organization?” What do you think of the job seekers who have a fake consulting company listed?

Let’s talk about Discrimination. I know a lot of my clients tell me that they are hesitant to add a profile picture or graduation date or just dates in general on their profile. I say, put it out there and own it and leverage your experience. It’s best not to waste time with a company that doesn’t value your experience because there are enough companies out there that do…. Will you look at profiles without pictures or dates? What is your opinion on age discrimination?

Any final suggestions for our audience before we take questions via Twitter?


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Thanks again and BYE BYE!

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  1. Looks like you were correct in that endorsements are now being used for more. Depending on how many you have per skill, depends upon which label gets applied to that skip; Expert, advanced, intermediate etc..
    seems unfair to suggest that those having very few endorsements might only be ‘intermediate’.

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