Recent Activity is back on your LinkedIn Profile! Hooray!

LinkedIn Recent Activity Returns to the LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn taketh but giveth back. It was a number of months ago, I reported that LinkedIn removed the ability to see a person’s recent status updates on LinkedIn. You could view a person’s LinkedIn profile but there was no way to see their recent activity on LinkedIn. The only way you could see a LinkedIn user’s postings was by viewing their profile on your smartphone using the LinkedIn app.


Recent Activity has been added back in! You can now view a LinkedIn user’s status update history!

You can see when a person shared content such as posting information or sharing links to news articles, liked shared content of another user, added or changed their profile photo, connected with other LinkedIn members, whether they joined a Group or participated in a Group discussion, followed a company, upgraded to a premium account, followed an influencer, channel or publisher.

LinkedIn Activity Feed is back!

How to view a LinkedIn user’s recent activity feed on LinkedIn

1. Within your profile or another user’s LinkedIn profile, move your cursor over the down arrow icon in the top section of the profile.

2. Select View recent activity.

3. You will now see a listing of all the most recent LinkedIn updates.

Listing of LinkedIn Activity feed history

Now that you can see a person’s activity feed history, you’ll gain a much deeper insight into them. By checking out their activity feed, you can see if they are a serious LinkedIn user or just a LinkedIn ghost. You can see how “social” and “plugged in” they are by seeing the types of items they post. You can also get a much better idea of what motivates and inspires them through the articles they post and items they comment on. Many times you can even determine if they are in a state of upheaval. Did they recently make a slew of profile changes? Are they getting more recommendations than usual? These are things that may signal they were laid off or getting ready to leave their current position.

But I don’t want people to see my Activity feed!

Don’t want people seeing your LinkedIn activity? You have the ability to select who can see your activity feed. You can choose between: everyone, your network, your connections or only you. Here’s the magic link to update this setting. Choose “Only You” if you want to hide your activity feed from people.

Rather than hiding it, perhaps you just want to disable the updates related to the changes you make to your profile? All you have to do is uncheck the box in your activity broadcast settings. Here’s the magic link to get there. By disabling the updates, people won’t see that you updated your LinkedIn profile. This is perfect for job seekers who don’t want the world to know (or maybe just their colleagues and employers) that they are making massive changes to their LinkedIn profile.

Although you can turn off your activity feed, I highly recommend keeping it visible. You want people to see you are active and engaged. Remember, you have control over what you post. If you are worried that people will see something unsavory, don’t post anything unsavory!

Are you as excited as me to see the return of recent activity to LinkedIn’s profile pages? Let me know in the comments! Just scroll down…

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up on the relaunch of the recent activity feature. It’s very useful for sales “listening” prospecting. Glad that LinkedIn brought it back.

  2. Under profile tab,we can see Recent activity, but LinkedIn unfortunately shows last 30 days update only. What if i want to see my all Share ?

  3. Vladimir-Mihai Pacuraru says:

    Yeah thanks for the magic links, they were off both in my case, but my liking of posts of others were nevertheless broadcasted or at least visible to my network.

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