Q&A: How Do I Optimize My LinkedIn Profile for Search? 4 LinkedIn SEO Tips

rank higher with these 4 LinkedIn SEO tips

rank higher with these 4 LinkedIn SEO tips

LinkedIn-Q&A: LinkedIn Invitation QuestionsI often get questions from people regarding LinkedIn. When I feel the question is shared by others, I post it here on my blog for all to read. Keep reading for some LinkedIn SEO tips!

Hi Donna, I am currently in transition and am contacting you for some advice on LinkedIn. My issue is that my profile does not appear when I perform my keyword search. My entire career has been in internal audit or some form of audit. I know the placement of the keywords in your LinkedIn profile is paramount. How can I optimize my profile so it ranks high in LinkedIn search? Thank you. – Duane


Hi Duane,

It’s important to realize that search results on LinkedIn are not the same for everyone. LinkedIn’s search results are catered to the person searching. When you search using keywords, the results and order of results are different from person to person, even if they are performing the exact same keyword search.

What most people don’t realize is when you search by name, you are searching the entire LinkedIn database of users… HOWEVER, when performing a keyword search, LinkedIn only shows results from your LINKEDIN NETWORK (first, second, third and group members). No two LinkedIn Networks are the same and so search results will always be different per user. LinkedIn also likes to deliver relevant results. LinkedIn determines relevancy based on the searcher’s profile, activity, and connections.

It’s impossible for you to determine your ranking and relevancy yourself by performing a search because the results you see are catered to you and are based off your unique network of connections. A better way to determine how well you rank is to see how many views your profile gets per day/week.

However, with that said, there are 4 LinkedIn SEO tips you can do to improve your rank and relevance.

Rank Higher with these 4 Easy LinkedIn SEO Tips

LinkedIn SEO Tip #1: Optimize with Keywords
When crafting your LinkedIn profile make sure you identify your top keywords. Think in terms of 3-5 keywords– not 20. Sprinkle those keywords into your:

1. Headline
2. Summary
3. Job Titles (and bonus points if you can add keywords in the company name, but that’s not always possible)

Massage those keywords into other sections of your profile as well but ALWAYS use them organically and naturally in sentences. Do not list or repeat them obnoxiously. Profiles that are up to date perform better in search so edit your profile at least once a month.

LinkedIn SEO Tip #2: Create an Inviting Search Result Listing
When you do turn up in search, your search result listing must be engaging and inviting. Put effort into your profile picture and headline since these are the two major areas of your search result listing. Make sure your profile picture is professional and your headline conveys your value. The more clicks on your search result listing indicate to LinkedIn that your profile is relevant.

LinkedIn SEO Tip #3: Build a Strong LinkedIn Network
LinkedIn search results are based on your LinkedIn Network and so in order to get found by more people, it’s important that you build a strong network of first-degree connections. Don’t aim low and wide but make sure that your offline network is reflected in your online network. Connect with the people you knew, the people you know, and the people you meet. The members of LinkedIn Groups you have joined are also in your LinkedIn Network so join groups to expand your network. You can join up to 100 Groups, so… go ahead, join 100 groups! Just remember to turn off Group email notifications.

LinkedIn SEO Tip #4: Get Active and Add Value
LinkedIn states that user activity affects relevancy. Think of LinkedIn as a huge ocean. In order to get noticed, you need to splash around. Scroll through your LinkedIn newsfeed and like, comment, and share your connections’ status updates. Install LinkedIn’s bookmarklet and as you surf the web, use the bookmarklet button to share articles that you find interesting with your network. The more active you are the more relevant your profile becomes.

Remember, LinkedIn wants to provide accurate and relevant search results. Users with up to date profiles and lots of activity are clearly actively using LinkedIn and providing value. When you do these things, LinkedIn will reward you with better ranking because they want to provide the searcher with relevant, active profiles in their search results.



For more LinkedIn Profile Optimization tips, check out my book LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Dummies. Or if you would prefer to outsource this task to experts, check out our LinkedIn Profile Optimization services!

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  1. Renee' K Andrews says:

    Extremely helpful article! Upon reading the information provided by the author/Donna Serdula I found that I have followed most of the tips she provides in the article, however, I obtained 3 new tips on how to improve my LinkedIn profile in order to optimize it and gain more traffic while performing profile searches.

    Thank you so much!

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